Who we are

We are a Christian organization with an overarching objective of empowering marginalized individuals and communities in the UK and beyond.

We aim at enhancing God’s sense of unconditional connectedness and belonging, providence and nurturance, worth and acceptance as well as comfort in times of perceived danger or suffering. Continue reading

Kimbilio House

Kimbilio house is planned to be a supported accommodation aimed at single homeless people in Liverpool, Northeast England.

Kimbilio House will be a community house where residents will receive and engage in a support plan that will prepare them for more independent living. Continue reading


Agatherapy is an online intervention aimed at enhancing emotional healing, resilience and general mental wellbeing.

Based on sound principles of psychology and Christian practice, agatherapy engenders personal attachment with God and helps to experience His unconditional, enduring and soothing LOVE. Continue reading

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