When Going Through Dark-Tunnel

Dark tunnel is a place of profound loss and pain. It’s a time in our life when our love ones, career, finances, health, freedoms and so forth are made away from us.Dark tunnel can be a scary moment. I know. In case, you find yourself in it remember the following… God Loves You Unconditionally: Your thoughts and opinion of others might tellContinue reading “When Going Through Dark-Tunnel”

Never Give Up

Patience is a proof of love; you prove how badly you want something by how long are you willing to wait for it .C. Forbes once said, “history has demonstrated that the most notable winners usually encountered heartbreaking obstacles before they triumphed. They won because they refused to become discouraged by their defeats.” Most of all wealthy peopleContinue reading “Never Give Up”

Living On Purpose

The trees once went out to choose their leader, and they first asked the olive tree to be their king.  But the olive tree said to them, ‘Shall I cease to be me, flowing in abundance, by which God and men are honoured, and go to hold sway over the trees? ’ The trees then asked the fig tree,‘You come and be ourContinue reading “Living On Purpose”

Your Payday Is Coming

I passionately believe that the level of our fulfilment is proportional to the quality of conscious altruistic contribution we make into the lives of others. In what ever, we do – be it through charitable causes, preaching, business, sports, education, working, or raising children – our success is determined by how willing are we in doingContinue reading “Your Payday Is Coming”

Overcoming Superiority Complex

Superiority complex is an overestimation of self-worth that leads to looking down on those that we consider to be inferior to us; an attitude that – if left unchecked often leads to abuse. Superiority complex is not the same thing as confidently accepting that one has the edge on others in some areas. True destructiveContinue reading “Overcoming Superiority Complex”

Can't Beat Him? Join Him

What do you do when you don’t get what you want from God even after doing all the “right” things – praying, tithing, sacrificial giving, applying anointing oil, having the most anointed person on earth pray and lay hands on you and even fasting for many days? What do you do when you are in a fierce battle against what you trulyContinue reading “Can't Beat Him? Join Him”