Adversity Quotient

iStock_000013010086LargeThe longer I live the more I come to terms with the fact that life is so full of change, pain and uncertainty. In Job 14:1, the scripture says human life is short and full of trouble. In fact Jesus Christ, Himself declared that in this world we would certainly encounter many troubles (John 16:33). Since adversity is a necessary condition for success (as we shall learn more in this book) the quality of our life therefore is determined by how we cope with adversity.

Recently, scientific research pioneered by Paul Stoltz,PhD has now concluded that people with the highest Adversity Quotient (the capacity to overcome adversity), regardless of their skills, intelligence or innate talents are much more likely to be successful at whatever they do.

In their book, Put Your Mindset to Work, James Reed (chairman of one of the leading Recruitment Companies on the planet) and Paul G. Stoltz, reveal that 97% of employers would prefer candidates with higher AQ ahead of those with high skill-set when recruiting. It is not surprising therefore Harvard Business School has selected AQ Profile tool to assess and strengthen the resilience of its leaders in its prestigious Executive Education and MBA programs. “When I think of my own children and the qualities I would like them to take into adulthood”, James Reed says, “I would obviously like them to be mentally tough and resilient people so that they can not merely cope with change and uncertainty but flourish in a world in which change and uncertainty look likely to be the defining characteristics. Five other qualities then usually come to mind. I would wish to be curious, creative, compassionate, courageous and of course optimistic. My feeling is that they will then be well equipped for the world and also in a position to contribute to it.”

Dr. Scott A. Snook, Senior Lecturer of Business Administration at Harvard Business School also said, “Next to unconditional love, the one gift I would give my children – over and above IQ, good looks, physical prowess, etc. – would be AQ, or resilience – the ability to respond effectively to adversity in our lives.”

The good news is that AQ can be learned and strengthened. Resilience is one which is developed over time and is greatly affected by education and experience. In other words, an individual’s AQ is the product of learning. No one was born resilient- we all have to be learned from experience and from people who have turned adversity to their advantage, just as they in turn have learned from the adversity itself. If you wish to achieve great success you have no choice, my friend, but to develop and horn your resilience.

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