You Unlimited

1444-believe-in-yourself_largeBelieve in yourself. Believe that you are worthy of great Be sure you have both the right and the ability to live a fulfilled life. Successful people – I mean individuals that have attained a truly satisfying life, know that self-belief is a fundamental step to greatness.

If one believes he/she doesn’t deserve anything worthwhile one won’t be bothered to try anything worthwhile. After all what is the point of committing your resources trying to achieve something you know you dodo not have the right or the ability to succeed at?

A while ago I stumbled in a set of thoughts that really helped build my self- belief; I’m sharing some of those thoughts with you here hoping that they might help you believe in yourself a little bit more.According to Genesis 1:26-28, God, in essence said this, “Let us make a human being. Let us clothe him with an earthly body and have complete authority over the fish of the sea, the birds in the air, the cattle, and, yes, the earth itself and everything in and about it. So God created a human being according to His plan; resembling Himself, carrying His nature and ready to take control of His business on earth”. Then God affirmed them and said, “You now have full authority over the earth and everything in it. So go ahead and be successful in every way, reproduce, fill the earth, take charge and be responsible for all other creatures on earth!”

The first thought that hit me was that success was God’s plan in the first place! It was God, not me, who thought, designed and created me for one cause – to succeed at something – for His glory! God carefully designed me to perform a specified task in the duration of my life in this world. So I’m God’s project. Since I’m His project God is determined to make sure I succeed because my success is ultimately His success.

From the moment we were conceived we were loaded with every tool we will ever need to accomplish our task on earth. We have been created with the unimaginable incredible unlimited creative capabilities buried beneath us. Deep within us lies pure and untapped potential to set up and manage anything we were born to do no matter how impossible it might seem.

Believing in myself does not mean I do not require God. I must believe in myself because God’s blessing and power are in me. Me minus Him equal nothing. “I can do anything”, said Paul of Tarsus,  “through Christ who gives me strength” – Philippians 4:13

Before investing in any business smart people do check the credibility and competence of top executives running the company. They also check who else has trusted that company with their investments before. You are a trustworthy investment because God trusted you enough to invest His priceless treasures in you even before you started living. He is also the founder, Chair, CEO and sole shareholder of the company called You Unlimited.

It’s time you start believing in You because You are destined for unrestricted success!

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