X-Tra Factor

Praying Hands bibleTo excel at any job in today’s competitive job market one needs excellent work ethic …which is actually the product of the Holy Spirit … To draw this attitude we must connect our minds with the Holy Spirit in prayer

Daniel was one of the top officials in the Babylonian (Iraqi) Royal Palace. He got the prestigious job despite a fierce competition from a host of other elite applicants. The Bible tells us that all job seekers were from elite royal families. They were young, healthy, handsome, intelligent and well educated. We are also told that Daniel got the top job because he had an extra factor. At the interview, the King found him -not only better than all other job seekers – but ten times better than all the magicians and enchanters in the entire kingdom put together! (Daniel 1:1-21)

Daniel had what it took to get the enviable lucrative job. But he also had what enabled him excel at it. We are told that Daniel, brimming with spirit and intelligence, he completely outclassed the other imperial staff. Because of that the king decided to make him the Governor in-charge of the whole kingdom. But Daniel’s colleagues became jealous of him. They were determined to find some scandal in Daniel’s life to discredit him, but they couldn’t find any – not even a shred of negligence or misconduct. Daniel was entirely exemplary, trustworthy and blameless.

What was the secret behind Daniel’s excellence, then? If you read Daniel chapter 1 – 6 you will discover, as his enemies also discovered, that Daniel was a prayer addict. He prayed to his heavenly God three times a day. It’s true that He excelled because he had an excellent attitude. But he received the excellent attitude from his God through prayer.

To excel at any job in today’s competitive job market one needs excellent work ethics or soft employability skills that include self-confidence, dedication, diligence, passion, tenacity, loyalty, creativity, empathy, good team spirit, and integrity. According to the Bible, the excellent work ethics are actually the fruits (products) of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22). What this means in practice is that God (through the Holy Spirit) is the source of an exceptional attitude. To draw them, we must connect our spirits and minds with the Holy Spirit in prayer. When we pray we draw, among other things, the excellent spirit. In order to command excellence in any job or career we must first wear the attitude of prayer. This is what I call the ‘God factor’.

Nothing can replace prayer. All successful biblical characters -from Moses to Jesus Christ – were prayer addicts. They never made any important decision without first consulting God their creator and boss. Take the example of Jesus. Through out His colourful three-year career Jesus spent most of the nights out in the fields praying. If Jesus Christ prayed to guarantee success in His career we need to pray

The main difference between true believers and the rest should be the ‘God’ factor. Remember:…it is not by human might nor by human power but by my spirit, says the LORD of hosts (Zech.4: 6)

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