Before You Quit Your Job

images-2Its good to be keen in doing what we were born to do because God will bless us in proportion with the way we fulfill our calling that includes (but not limited to) the profane world.

But there is always a danger of being paralyzed by the uncertainty of whether we are in God’s will or not. Others, especially those that do know  what they were born to do, might even decide to untimely quit their current jobs and go into their destiny “calling”, a decision that is often costly and frustrating.

This article is therefore intended to clear out some of those doubts and highlight a crucial point – waiting for God’s timing.

But before I do that let me explain the main difference between God’s will and God’s plan. (please note: these phrases God’s will and God’s plan can mean different things to different people and can be used interchangeably. They have been used here only in a way that serves the purpose of our discussion)

God’s will is the ultimate goal God has in mind, but God’s plan is a set of actions / experiences / seasons that God has designed to achieve His will. If God’s will is the last destination (destiny) then God’s plan is His route. God not only that He has a perfect will for us but He also has a plan. Some times God may choose to reveal His perfect will but often times He does not. Before we finally arrive at our destiny God will take us through various life experiences that will grow and prepare us.

Let’s say for example you were born to be a doctor. This obviously does not mean to say that you will be a doctor from the minute you were born. God will take you through numerous life experiences to prepare you for the role He has in mind. These experiences, sadly, will involve a lot of pain, tears, laughter, time and, of course, some pleasure.

Sometimes God might reveal His will for you but that does not mean it will happen any time soon. With your dream job in mind yet sometimes, we (me included) might find ourselves in strange places doing what we had never expected to be doing. This sometimes makes us become impatient and lead us into an error of premature decisions that always end up in frustration and trauma. Yes, accidents will happen. Sometimes we, or other parties, will make a few “mistakes” along the way, but that does not necessarily mean we are out of God’s will. The good news is the case that God is always good and gracious. He incorporates these “mistakes” and accidents in His plan to make sure His will is not derailed.

If God has given you specific instructions please trust Him even if those instructions seem to be hard or illogical. Your good God knows what He is doing and He has your best interest at heart. If God has not given you specific instructions then don’t worry you are always in God’s plan. What you have to know is that whatever job you are doing is part of God’s plan for your life. Do your job as if it is your divine calling because it is. Conduct your self and serve your employer/ customers as if you are serving the God who will judge your performance, because that is exactly what Apostle Paul says in Colossians 3:22-25.

Raise your head up, enjoy your current job and keep Gods dream in your mind. See where you are as a stepping-stone and as a crucial step in your fabulous destiny. God says in the end it will be okay. If it is not okay at the moment then you should know that it is not the end.

Remember, until you get what you love, love what you’ve got.

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