Clue To Your Life Purpose

Would-Your-Business-Pass-The-Passion-Test“There are two great days in a person’s life — the day we are created and the day we discover why”. These are the words of William Barclay, they give insights into one of the major characters of great individuals- people whose lives impact the world in a great way – that they discover their life purpose early and stick with it. Jesus Christ was no different.

At age twelve, Jesus already knew what he was born for and was busy preparing for it. In His first official day out Jesus went straight to the temple and was learning His trade from the Doctors of the Law and stayed there for three days. Answering His parents – who were wondering where he was – Jesus said something like this;” didn’t you know that I am supposed to be doing my father’s perfect business for me?” (Luke 2:49 KJV)

One of the many ways you can discover your life purpose is by observing your strong dominant feelings that underline your true core values. Whenever you think about your destiny it must provoke desire in you. Desire is more than a mare wish. Wishes are temporal and fleeting, but desires are divine and lasting. A desire is an exciting earnest longing generated by a dominant desire thought. It is that persistent, stubborn craving for something not yet under your possession and makes you commit your highest self to get it.

A very good reason why you must feel good about your purpose is because it must be in line with your true self. It is like wearing a pair of shoes that fit your size. A constant pain in your career could be a clear indication that career was not meant for you. It is like wearing a pair of shoes that do not match your foot size. All geniuses, all great businessmen and businesswomen, all great athletes, and all great leaders loved what they were doing.

Sometimes desire can be best defined by pain. Trauma caused by illness, disability, or loss of someone / something dear can result into a revelation of one’s life business. After experiencing a traumatic life experience most people devote their entire life to finding the solution to the problem that caused their pain. Most of the greatest achievements were born this way.

If you love it, you own it. Allan Cohen, in his book Relax into Wealth, put it well by saying; “You own what you own not money, paper or force, but by your love for it and your connection to it. If something is deeply imbedded in your soul, it belongs to you. It comes to you and adheres to you by your appreciation and right use of it.

Great success demands sacrifice, hard work, patience, and relentless determination. If you do not love what you do it will be difficult to succeed in it. So ask yourself these questions do you love what you are doing? Which business / career generates great passion and enormous satisfaction to such an extent that you would like to do it for life? What problem concerns you the most and are willing to devote your whole life to try and solve?

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