Don't Drawn On Shallow Waters

Survive-a-Riptide-Step-6People don’t drown by falling in the water, but by staying in it. Making a mistake does not make one a mistake. Costly as they might be mistakes, in God’s hands, can be a working material for greatness.

King David committed one of the most horrendous crimes. He had an affair with one of his soldier’s wife – Bathsheba. To cover his crime David killed Uriah, his lover’s husband, by putting him into a battlefront. And God was livid. Although he eventually married Bathsheba, David’s integrity was terminally diminished and eventually lost his position as a leader. To make the situation even worse, David’s son that was born as a consequence of that one-night stand died shortly after birth. Nevertheless, out of this terrible mess something wonderful happened.

Prior to this atrocity, David nursed a lifelong desire to build a wonderful temple for his God. Because his hands were too blooded by the many battles he fought, God promised David that He would raise him a son that will carry out his ambitious project. In due time, God gave David the son -Solomon – who also happened to be the most handsome, wise, rich and famous king of Israel. Of all women God chose Bathsheba to mother Solomon!

Am I condoning sin? Absolutely not. To be honest I hate it because sin is painful and costly. But my point is that we can achieve great success in life inspite of our failures. God’s perfect plan for us took our mistakes into account. I am confident that He, fueled with unfailing love, is working with us to perfect us.

Successful people know that mistakes are a part of the success process. All of them, without exception, believe that no one can succeed without failing at some stage. That is what they are neither terrified nor discouraged by temporal failures.

If you have suffered a setback doesn’t beat yourself down. It’s not the end of your dream. Pick yourself up, learn from your mistakes and move on – with God. You are closer to the shore than you think. Whatever you do don’t give up… don’t drown in shallow waters…. keep swimming.

As you do that, please know that me, God, and His heavenly hosts  love you all the way. Meet you soon, at the shore!

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