Give The Master A Shout

Help-520x437I think every one of us needs a Spiritual Survival Box that must comprise spiritual whistles – prayer, praise and positive confession. Whenever we find our self in crisis and are lacking faith to cope, all we need to make is to give the master a shout – we need to pray.

After the bombing of 9/11 Mr. Simon Johnson MD designed a bomb survival kit (called survival box) to help people survive a bomb blast. The kit included a particle mask to filter out dust, a whistle, torch, bottle of water and antiseptic wipes. I believe the whistle helps the rescuers locate the victim easily and quickly when it is blown.

God is always waiting for us to give Him a shout for help. He knows we are too weak to handle the situation, but sometimes He will never intervene until we have asked Him. The reason why He has allowed the storm bigger than our faith is because He wants us to increase in faith. He asks us to learn by watching Him calming it.

If Jesus wanted them to die of the storm He would not have been able in the boat in the first place. Jesus is a gentleman. He respects our right to make choices. He never steps into a situation unless He has been asked.

When they found themselves in the middle of the storm the disciples tried to handle it by themselves. But, that storm was beyond their expertise. As soon as they realised this they gave the master a shout. They were humble enough to seek assistance. When Peter had his personal moment of scarein the sea, he gave Jesus a shout as soon as he realised that his faith could no longer keep him afloat.

The master is always available when we need Him. We might not see Him, or Hemight seem to be sleeping but He is always available when given a shout. Most of us are either ignorant or arrogant to seek assistance. We think we can do all things without help from anyone. We depend too much on our natural human resources.

Yes God expects us to use our common resources to solve our natural problems. Widespread problems do need common solutions. There are matters in life we can do without prayer. For example I do not have to pray to unlock the door if I have a key for it. If the key is lost all I get to do is to call a locksmith.

But uncommon problems demand uncommon solutions. Jesus specialises in uncommon problems. He is a consultant. He never addresses the issues that we can. If we can deal with it we do not need Him. But, there is no need to lose hope in the Master’s presence!

If we diligently seek God on time we shall find Him. “Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near”- Isaiah 55:6 Are you trying to survive a storm? Don’t drown unnecessarily. Give the master a shout. Any concern too small to be turned into a prayer is too small to be done into a burden, says Corrie Boom.

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