God Doesn't Need My Help

appThe logistics of every day running of this world are too sensitive and too complex to be left entirely into the feeble reflexes of mortal will. God designed and runs this world without any help from His creatures.

Thankfully, the most critical activities that keep the world going are regulated by divine powers without our awareness.

Yes we might make some decisions that affect our lives from time to time, but the impact of these conscious decisions – apart from the fact that the ability to make them still comes from God – are very minimal compared to what God does behind the scenes without our consensual efforts.

In the human body, for instance, the most important activities that keep a man alive and active are involuntary and automatic – they’re being done without man’s intentional effort. Vital organs such as the blood, the brain, the heart, and all the internal organs keep man alive by keeping on working all the time without intentional human interference.

The brain maintains the consciousness without any help from the individual. The heart keeps ticking no matter what the man does. Each and every internal organ keep on working without any dictate. The blood stream within the body keeps flowing up and down through the body whether we like it or not. The breathing process keeps on and on without our consent or consciousness.

Creator God that I worship doesn’t need my help to manage my life. He is all-powerful, all knowing, ever-present, ever loving and with an independent superior will. He commands my worship not because His very existence depends on it but because my life depends on it.

As CS Lewis said, “we can no more diminish God’s glory by refusing to worship Him than a mentally disturbed person can put out the sun by scribbling the word “darkness” on the walls of his ghetto. God’s best intention for us is to experience His love and to eventually know Him: and the moment we know Him, we inevitably fall on our faces in reverence.”

King Solomon, arguably the wisest man ever lived said, “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”. Socrates, one of the most accomplished philosophers of all time also said, “admitting one’s ignorance is the beginning of wisdom”. What this tells me in principle is that the first step towards a life of fulfilment is admitting that God’s wisdom is far superior to mine and totally surrender to His instructive authority.

If God could not trust me to run my own body how could He expect me to run His business without His help?

I ‘m grateful God created me, and all other things, in His liking. He meticulously planned my living here on earth long before my conception. I owe Him everything. Because God’s understanding is far superior to mine I fully accept His right to execute His plan in the manner that pleases Him. I am thrilled that God’s purpose will be fulfilled contrary to my liking, and without my anticipation, consciousness, or consent. I’ll always be at peace knowing God is in control and every circumstance that happens to me is part of His perfect moral will.

This, I must admit, does not constitute a license for naivety or complacency for I understand also that part of God’s purpose will demand my wilful participation to be fulfilled. In due course, God will communicate His instructions to me and release the resources needed to execute them. My duty therefore is to stay tuned to His instructions and swiftly obey without query!

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