God The Heart Breaker?

broken-heart-with-hammerGod is the architect of most (if not) all heartbreaks. I know this sound odd to many of us that have been taught that the devil is the source of every pain. It is true that some of heart-breaking experiences are as a result of deliberate satanic act. It is also true that some heart-breaking experiences happen accidentally or as a result of purely human error of judgment. For me, all these – satanic acts, accidents and human error – are just God’s heart-breaking hammers.

As barbaric as it might seem, God directs heartbreaking situations to achieve His divine profitable purpose. Of course God doesn’t break our hearts all the time but when He does is because, according to His ultimate wisdom and love, it’s the only way to achieve the intended best result for us, not because He enjoys seeing us in pain.

To appreciate this eye-opening truth, let us take a couple of biblical examples.

The earliest example is that of Jesus Christ. His life was planned and made public hundreds of years before His birth. He was destined to be the ultimate World leader (to be given the name above all names, to be the Lord of lords and the King of Kings). We must not forget that it was also planned that, before crowning, Jesus had to go through the mother of all heartbreaks – persecution, torture and death by public crucifixion.

Jesus knew it was God’s perfect plan for Him to suffer all those things before ascending the throne of leadership. He knew God in His infinite wisdom and power allowed and controlled satanic influence and human actions that ultimately broke His heart. That is why Jesus forgave His killers because His focus was not on them but on a good God that controlled them.

This is also true in the case of Simon Peter – the first Bishop of Jesus’ Church. Under pressure Peter denied Jesus at a crucial moment. But Peter loved Jesus too much to deny Him. As a matter of fact Peter was even willing to die for Him (and he eventually did), but he sinned and with it went his confidence, prestige and wholeness. Peter’s failure, though satanically executed, was divinely planned; Jesus saw it coming and even told Peter about it before it happened (Luke 22:31-34). God permitted all this to prepare Peter to be the best leader of His Church that he can possibly be.

Another example is that of Job. The devil was directly involved in Job losing his wealth, his family, marriage, prestige and ultimately his health. Nevertheless, the devil got the authority to do what he did from God Himself. Although God did not directly persecute Job, He was ultimately responsible. And Job knew it. That is why after going through that entire Job blamed neither Satan nor his agents. Instead He worshiped God and said, “But God knows where I am going. And when he tests me, I will come out as pure as gold… once he has made his decision, who can change his mind? Whatever he wants to do, he does. So he will give me whatever he has planned. He controls my destiny.” (Job 23:10-14). As you probably know after these heart-breaking experiences, Job’s life enjoyed double blessings.

So, if you are going through tough times right now I want you to hear that God is aware of it. He is aware of it because He is the one who planned it. No matter the circumstances surrounding your ordeal, God is in control. He has allowed this for your greater good and will see you through in due course. All you need to do is to trust and praise Him for His good plans for you.

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