He Knows What's Doing

 photo sillyalea4_zpsbd0f9e3c.pngIt always baffled me to observe my young kids wearing their right shoe on their left foot and their left shoe on their right foot. Even when I tried to put the right shoe next to the right foot and the left shoe next to the left foot they often swapped them around because to them ‘right’ seemed ‘left’ and ‘left’ seemed ‘right’.

This is how human perspective differs from that of superior divine truth. God’s judgment is often greeted with apprehension because our minds find it to be controversial. However, since God’s understanding is far superior to ours the best thing to do in those situations is to ignore our wisdom and trust His judgment.

As for me when God says something, no matter how wrong it might seem, I decide to believe He is right and my conception needs correction. For instance, if God calls what seems to me to be black “white” chances are that my sight is faulty or indeed the black that I now see is about to be white.

The nice thing about our God is that He understands our ignorant frustrations. In the occasion that we fail to yield to His superior wisdom God doesn’t mind bypassing our intentions and blesses us anyway.

One day Jacob was about to bless his grand children (Joseph’s sons). Traditionally the right hand in those days always gave the greatest blessing, and the greatest blessing belonged to the firstborn son. So Joseph put his oldest son, Manasseh, in front of Jacob’s right hand and his younger son, Ephraim, on his left. As he blessed them Jacob crossed his hands and put his right on the younger son, Ephraim, and his left on Manasseh, the older son.

Joseph thought his father Jacob made a mistake because he was partially blind. But his father was having none of it. He said, “No, Joseph. I know what I’m doing. I’ve crossed my hands on purpose because Ephraim might be the youngest, but destiny says he will be the greatest. And so it was!

Holly Griffiths put a £2.50 free bet on Manchester United to beat MK Dons 4-0 in the League Cup. It seemed a very wise decision to her with the Premier League giants taking on a League One side. But she had accidentally bet on MK Dons to win 4-0 instead of United. Her horror quickly turned to delight though as Man United ended up being beaten by the exact score – at odds of a staggering 500/1.

God knew Manchester United, as good as they are, would lose the game that evening. And since He planned to bless Holly through that bet God had to bypass her wisdom and force her into an ‘error’.

Do you feel as if God is mistaken in allowing certain things to happen in your life? I urge you to trust His judgement. God knows what He’s doing and in the end it will work in your favour!

To your peace.

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