Family Business Franchise

TransformationIn the world of business, Distressed Investment is a term that refers to a practice when investors specifically seek out companies that are performing poorly or are on the brink of bankruptcy but with the potential to get back on the right track. They then buy up the debt, take control and bring the business back to life through managerial re-engineering and rejuvenation.

The Kingdom of God is  a Distressed Investment of souls. It is all about investing in people and transforming  lives. Jesus specifically seeks out for people that are distressed and on the brink of throwing away their lives. He then rescues them, and helps them live a more valuable life by showing them unconditional love, hope and meaning.

Christ was a business man. He referred to his ministry on earth as “My Father’s Business or “The Kingdom of God” . In principle, the Church (which is comprised of a network of individual Christians world-wide) is a family business that could also be called the “Kingdom of God Unlimited (KOGU)”. God the Father serves as KOGU’S Board Chairman, Christ as Managing Director and The Holy Spirit as Chief Executive Officer.

According to Romans 12:3-13 and 1Corithians 12:1-31 the job of the Holy Spirit is to represent, direct and execute KOGU’s interests on earth. This includes, of course recruiting and managing KOGU staff and franchisees.

In other words every Christian (or Ministry for that matter) is a KOGU franchise. Like any business entity, the KOGU has many different ministries or departments. Paul says although all Christians are members of the Church body they hold different responsibilities.

Jesus recruited and trained his frenchisees (Desciples) for about three years. Before He went to heaven Christ charged them and said (in essence), “surely, the works that I have done you can also do; in fact you will do even greater work than this after I’m gone.” “After receiving the power of the Holy Spirit”, Jesus continued, ” you will be my representatives (witnesses), spreading the Kingdom of God everywhere- starting from Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to throughout the world” (John 14:12; Acts 1:8)

As a franchise  love is KOGU’s sole mission, core value and prevalent culture. Other values includes, trust,honesty, diligence, humility, responsibility, kindness, faith, resilience and enthusiasm.

Stating His mission Jesus said, “the Spirit of the Lord is upon me to bring good news to the poor, set the captives and the oppressed free, restoring sight to the blind, and announcing an imminent expression of the Lord’s favour to the world”. (Luke 4:18-19, John 10:10)

The main purpose and value of a Church, therefore, is to engage in businesses that adds value and transforms distressed lives. Sadly though, today’s Church seems to have lost the plot. As one servant said recently, most Churches and Ministries look more like luxury cruise liners designed to tickle the ears, entertain its members and make them feel good instead of a place designed for life transformation and as a training camp for workers with passion for distressed souls. Most ministers are now more concerned about numbers (of well to do) members, financial prosperity, magnificent buildings and quality entertaining programs.

Today the Holly Spirit is challenging all of us who consider ourselves to be Christians to examine our core purpose and values. Just ask yourself these questions, ” Am I really a Christian? If so what is my main core purpose in business and how many lives have I helped to transform?”

To your blessing.

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