Kick Unblocks Player's Nose

23B1F28E00000578-2858883-image-36_1417604713097A man who has been unable to smell properly for 20 years sniffed out a major gas leak just days after a kick to the head during a rugby match restored his lost sense.

Edward Baker’s ability to smell gradually deteriorated throughout his adult life after he repeatedly broke his nose playing his favourite sport.

He has even undergone surgery to fix the problem, without success.

During a recent game of rugby, he received a kick to the face which left him with another bruised and bloody nose.

Incredibly, after the swelling went down, he realised he was able to breathe properly and that his sense of smell had been restored. he 41-year-old marketing director put his newly-restored ability to good use when he smelt a gas leak near a school in Bournemouth, Dorset just days later.

He immediately called the gas board and engineers rushed out to seal off part of the residential road and fix the leak.

Mr Baker said: ‘Although I haven’t been able to smell gas for years, I still recognised the pungent smell straight away.

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