Reading Between The Lines

thank-you-in-sign-languageIn the Bible, a miracle is often referred to as a sign. This is because a miracle is a divine language; it carries a specific meaning beyond itself. Generally, a sign carries a meaning or message beyond itself. A sign is like a letter that carries a definite meaning. A letter is worth nothing more than what it represents for the reader.

A miracle has two principal beneficial facets; the face (obvious) value and the intrinsic (meaning) value. The former is the most obvious but also the least valuable.  For most people greater attention is often given to the most obvious part of the miracle and consequently missing it’s greater purpose – the meaning.

One day Jesus fed thousands of hungry people by giving them just five loaves of bread and two fishes. And people loved Jesus because of it. The following day scores of people frantically went everywhere looking for Jesus. When they finally saw him, Jesus told them something significant. In essence, he said to them, “you are looking for me, not because you understood the meaning of the sign I performed, but because you loved the food and you want more” (John 6:26). To the people food was the most important part of the deal, but to Jesus the meaning behind the miracle was. Jesus fed them because he truly wanted to satisfy their hunger but he meant more than that. Christ wanted them to understand – through that miracle – that God their creator who sent and used Jesus to provide for them is mighty, caring and loving. God their father wanted His people to tap into His love by trusting Jesus His chosen vessel.

Currency is an alternate term for money. It means, in simple words, a representation and medium of exchange for wealth. The cost of making modern money (coins and notes) is lower than the value of what that money can buy. For example, it costs only 12.6 cents to produce a $100 bill; which means a 13 cents note has the potential to buy a hundred US dollar worth of wealth.

As well as being a means of communication every miracle is a celestial currency that acts as storage and medium of exchange for an invisible thing beyond itself that is more valuable and more profound. The next time you experience a miracle pay close attention to the inherent virtues. We must pay careful attention because intrinsic value, as the name suggests, is not obvious.

By definition, a miracle is an extraordinary and welcome way of solving a problem that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws. In essence, a problem is a miracle raw material. We cannot have a miracle without a problem. The profoundness of a miracle is determined by the size of the problem; the bigger the problem the more profound the miracle is going to be. Simply put, every problem is a potential miracle. In other words, if a miracle is a letter carrying a message then a problem is an envelope. God always wraps up His best miracle in the worst problem. As they say, greatest gifts come in nasty packages.

So watch out for malicious looking packages. If you are going through hard times, be encouraged that God is brewing something greater than the solution of your problem. When God finally does give you a breakthrough look beyond the obvious. Open your forensic eyes and read between the lines. More often than not you won’t be able to perceive it by your natural eyes; you’ll need the Holly Spirit’s contact lenses. Without His help, it’s difficult to understand the sign. Experiencing life without the Holly Spirit is like watching a 3D movie without 3D glasses. Without his company it’s difficult to appreciate the beauty of life scenes; life drama becomes boring and spiritual life less exciting. We need His help to be in a position to see and appreciate God’s best in the seemingly worst situations.

The great news is that you can invite Him anytime, anywhere…. You can call Him even now…. the choice is yours… go for it….

To your joy

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