Sacred vs Secular Calling

images-3Many Christians do believe that their main job here on earth (as they wait to go to heaven) is to serve God – in church. If I am completely honest this perception is one of the biggest deceptions the devil has managed to intoxicate the church with in recent years. Craftily preached by the Medieval European Religious aristocrats this half-baked Gospel was meant to divert peoples’ minds from social-economic prosperity to an acute heaven mentality to make it easy to exploit them.

It is important to have a balanced view of both heaven and earth. Heaven is our eternal home and we must always bear that in mind. But we must remember also that we were brought here on earth by God to do a certain job for Him. If I read the Bible correctly God will eventually judge us on the basis of how well we do the job He brought us here for. All these ministries – pulpit and secular- are in deed Gods services. This world (including the church) is God’s territory / Government /kingdom. Everything that is in it was made by Him and for Him. All services are God’s services for two reasons; one because He created them and two because He chooses and empowers people to do them according to His purpose.

Every service is unique in a sense that it provides unique solutions for human needs and demands unique procedures and abilities. Nonetheless, God, as Apostle Paul said, is the architect of all. “There are different kinds of service, but we have the same Lord. God works in different ways, but it is the same God who does the work in all of us.” (I Corinthians 12:5-6)

Interestingly most of the biblical characters we celebrate to day  were not pulpit ministers at all.   It surprised me to understand that  people we still rightly refer to as servants of God  – King David , Solomon, Ester, Nehemiah, Gideon, Daniel, Moses, Joshua, and Joseph,  to name but a few – were businessmen, military personnel, community leaders, politicians and public servants. They were anointed to do these jobs with excellence because they perceived their jobs to be their divine calling and for the glory of God.

In the old Jewish community, these two kinds of services were made distinct in the Law of Moses. Out of 12 tribes that formed a Jewish community only one tribe (the tribe of Levi) was designated for temple ministry. All other eleven tribes engaged in worldly careers. In fact, every tribe was specifically gifted for a distinct “secular” service. For instance others were specially gifted as farmers, others as hunters and others as craftsmen.

The first man mentioned in the Bible to be “filled with the spirit of God” is Bezael son of Uri. What was he filled with the spirit for? To make artistic designs for work in gold, silver and bronze, to cut and set stones, to work in wood, and to engage in all kinds of craftsmanship (Ex 31:1-6). But sadly, in our day secular job is considered to be carnal, unspiritual and therefore inferior to church based ministry. Many see secular job as a means of supporting yourself as you do or prepare for the real God’s job – to worship God.

Pulpit and non-pulpit services – are equally important. To say the least they compliment each other. For example non-pulpit need spiritual input (spiritual power, instructions and inspirations) from pulpit ministers. Without these, they can’t excel in their ministry. Also non-pulpit servants provide pulpit ministers with physical needs such as food, accommodation, health services, education, transport, safety, and protection. Without these needs pulpit ministers’ survival in this world would not have been possible.

Believers want to be confined within the four church walls – thanks to our pastors. We love to see people spend more time on the pews than they do at work. We entertain the “we live to eat” mentality rather than “we eat to live for work” attitude. No wonder our churches are crowded with spiritually obese Christians. We were meant to be the light to the dark world. However, sadly, we are overcrowded in our church buildings. Many those are in church lack vision because too much light has blinded them. Wonder why there is too much bitterness in the Church today? It’s because Christians who were supposed to be the salt of the world are concentrated there.

As Christians fight for pulpit jobs our communities are deprived of quality workers. Our economy is doomed because Christians who are supposed to lead aren’t discharging their responsibilities. The church has left business, politics and other social positions to be occupied by non-believers who do not possess spiritual (moral) power to lead. Even Christians that fall on in those positions aren’t effective because they don’t see their Job as God’s calling. So their heart is actually somewhere else- in the Church. Instead of recruiting and empowering Christians for those secular positions too many ministries are encouraging Christians to get behind the pulpit.

Today, as you go to work – wherever that may be – know that God expect you to glorify Him in your work.

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