Secret of Contentend Living

trust1Timothy 6:6 says godliness with contentment is great gain. Contentment  as used here is neither a sate of independence where we no longer need anything to continue living nor it is a lack of ambition.

Contentment is a sense of peace and assurance that results from being grateful with whatever you have and in whatever situation you are in accepting that God who is all-powerful, all-knowing and all-loving has a good plan for our lives, knows what we need, and that He shall surely provide in the manner and the time of His choosing.

The secret of a contented life therefore is trust in God. Trust (or faith) in God is unleashed the moment we surrender our will and decide to trust Him from the deepest of our being. We tap into divine love, peace and joy when we accept the fact that every instruction God bestows is our prescription for a healthy living.

The building is as strong as its foundation. So is our life. We are as strong as what we decide to trust.

When we put our trust in weaker things not only that we become vulnerable but we also strain even more the very things we trust. But when we choose to trust in God, as Christ said, we become like a smart constructor who built his house on a solid rock. Rain poured down, the river flooded, a tornado hit-but nothing moved that house because it was fixed to the rock. (Matt. 7:24-27)

Absolute trust in God is an ultimate measure of spiritual maturity. We become mature Christians when we totally yield to God’s will and enjoy to be headed by His Spirit.

We know we trust God when we realize He will never let us go through any experience that has nothing to do with our destiny and that any thing that comes our way – no matter how painful it might be – is meant for our good, for the benefit of others and more importantly for the glory of our God.

We realize we have grown up when we worship God not only when He gives us what we need but also when he says NO to our wishes.

We know we are operating at a graduate level when we praise Him when He exempts us from trouble as much as when He allows us to go through it because we trust the integrity of His judgement.

Today, no matter how dire your situation might seem don’t throw away your confidence, your God is far greater than any situation you will ever face. Moreover, He will use those very situations to bring forth a greatly rewarding life.

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