Spiritual Magnetism

conductiviteI have a confession; physics was not my cup of tea during my secondary school days. I found studying laws of physics to be daunting and the calculations that came with it freaked me out. But I managed to memorize a few laws and some of them are still stuck in my memory shelves today. The law of conductivity is one of those laws. It has strengthened my faith and improved the quality of my every day life immensely.

In the world of electrical magnetism a conductor is an object, which permits the flow of electricity. The conductivity (how good the conductor is) depends very much on its resistance – how strongly does it oppose (or how easily does it allow) the passage of an electric current through it. The smaller the resistance the better the conductor hence super conductor having a resistance of zero.

Faith (obedience or humility) is a spiritual equivalent of conductivity. It is a measure of how easily one allows spiritual power (currency) to be manifested in one’s life. How will God use us depends very much on the level of our obedience to God’s word. Put it differently, the magnitude of spiritual power one can emit at any point is subject to how readily one yields to God’s will – the lesser the resistance the greater the faith (i.e. the higher the Obedient Quotient).

Working with God requires absolute trust because more often than not God’s instructions do not make logical sense and is always contrary to our will. If God wants you to do something that is obviously the very thing you have always wanted to do anyway, then He doesn’t need to instruct you to do it, you just go ahead and do it. But when God takes trouble to instruct you be warned that the information He’s about to tell you will defy your expectation and mess up your understanding.

As you probably know the greatest of miracles do happen at the back of the most bizarre instruction. To stand any chance of being used by God in a great way we must be ready to ignore our logic (not lean to our own understanding) and drop all our personal interests (be dead to our passions).

A true fascinating story has been told of a distinguished Indian evangelist named Sadhu Chellappa. He was on a mission trip to a village north of Madras, when in the middle of the night he suddenly sensed God speaking to him: “Leave this house quickly and run away!” Not exactly a convenient thing to do. But Chellappa was accustomed to accepting even strange instructions from the Lord without debate, so he dressed quickly and ran into the darkness.

After a while, he was in open country. As he passed beneath a large tree, he felt God tell him, “Stay here and start to preach!” Now, even for an experienced evangelist, this was puzzling–because there was no one to be seen. Why did God want him to preach to an empty field in the middle of the night? But he stopped under the tree and began to preach the gospel.

Finally, he reached the point at which he called on his unseen listeners to give their lives to Jesus. He was surprised to hear a voice from the top of the tree and see a man climb down, crying. The man tearfully gave his life to Jesus. When Chellappa asked why he was in a tree out in the middle of nowhere, the man admitted, “I came out here to hang myself.”

To me this is a classic example of the highest obedience quotient. If God want to use you the first quality He must instil in you is faith, He must teach you to trust Him unreservedly. Do you feel like God is instructing you to do something that is contrary to your logic or will? My suggestion is, what ever He tells you just do it, be ready to trust God any time and in all situations because He is trustworthy.

I must say , Obedience is not an inborn trait, it must be learned through adversity. In a way vulnerability is  obedience. The more broken we are the more obedient we are. The Bible says even Jesus learned obedience through suffering (Heb. 5:8). When God want to use us greatly He must first break us deeply.

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