Spiritual Navigator

10035-1210img1I have been moving a lot of late. My divine assignments have made me drive to different new places constantly. Naturally, I hate getting lost and my ego doesn’t always permit me to ask for directions. Even on those rare occasions that I happen to swallow my pride and ask for directions I’m terrible at following them. This means GPS is my only trusted travelling companion.

When I’m driving through a busy strange city, I usually turn my stereo (and other gadgets) off to maximise my attention to the instructions. Nine out of ten times, especially when I get my instructions right, I reach my intended destination as expected.

The Holy Spirit is a spirit-based navigation system intended to help us get into our divine destiny. To take advantage of any navigator, we must know how to operate (interact with) it and be keen to follow the instructions. God through the Holy Spirit does have different dialects, He chooses different forms of communication to instruct each of us – dreams, signs, visions, objects, individuals, scriptures, live voices, etc. Our first challenge therefore is to learn God’s language and there after acquiring a disciplined obedience.

This is what God did to the Israelites. As He led them from Egypt to the land of promise, God took the Jews through a very strange route. Since they had never travelled the way before God used different things to guide them. For example, He used Moses, the ark of the covenant, the cloud and the pillar of fire. Their greatest challenge into their destiny was following God’s guidance. As we know most of them (including Moses their leader) didn’t make the final destination because they failed to follow divine instructions.

“Learning when to move and when to stand is the greatest challenge for a believer”, Os Hillman said. “We are trained for action. We are not trained to sit idly and wait. We are trained to solve problems, not wait for them to resolve themselves. However, God says there are times to wait. We are to wait until He says go. If we go before He says go, we likely will make our situation worse. If the Israelites had attempted to cross the Red Sea before it parted, they would have drowned. If they had fled north to try to avoid the Egyptians, God would not have moved in a miraculous way. God cannot work on our behalf if we continually try to solve our problem when He has instructed us to stand still. Standing still is sometimes the greatest action we can do, although it is the most difficult thing to do in the Christian walk.”

One thing I love about my GPS is that when I make a wrong turn it’s (woman) voice doesn’t yell at me. Instead she quickly calculates my route and politely issues new instruction. Likewise the Holly Spirit not only knows we are prone to make mistakes he actually anticipates us missing some turns once in a while. That is why he’s never hard on us when we err. He is always patient and polite. However, if we keep on missing the instructions chances are we will take longer to get there. And without a doubt it will be more costly and at times painful.

Do you feel lost and frustrated? Ask God for direction, He is more than willing to lead you to where you should go. If you, like me, have realised that God is taking you to a great place that you’ve never been before and want to enjoy your life journey to your destiny then you have no choice but to rely on his instructions – His rhema word.

Borrowing the lyrics of one of my greatest love songs; God and me are heading for something somewhere I’ve never been. Cause I am His servant and He is my loving Lord whenever He reaches for me I’ll do all that I can. Though sometimes I’m frightened when the world outside’s too much to take…but I’m ready to learn of the power of His love.

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