Why Bad Things Happen To Good People

anthonyOne of the baffling questions people ask is why bad things happen to good people. Many , me included, often wonder why would God allow good things to happen to bad people – people such as , rapists, robbers and cold blooded killers? Reading the following story one wonders if God who is all powerful and loving is truly in control of our world why does He allow evil in our world?

It is Monday morning of the first day of August 2005 in England. The press is littered with one of the most horrific stories I have ever heard. A black teenager from Huyton, Liverpool died yesterday morning after an attacker embedded an axe in his skull in a crime British police say was racially motivated. Anthony Walker, (pictured), 18, had his head split open with the axe by a man as he waited for a bus with his white friend and a cousin, both 17, near his home on Friday night. Minutes before, Walker had been subjected to what police said was a torrent of racial abuse by a group of white men. Detective Chief Superintendent Peter Currie of Merseyside police said Mr Walker died from a single blow to the head. He had been hit with such force the axe embedded itself in his forehead.

This kind of situation makes one wonder why bad things happen to good innocent people? When calamities hit we always want to know where was our loving God when this was happening and who must shoulder the ultimate responsibility. Such was the disciple’s curiosity. As they were out and about with Jesus they came across a man who was blind from birth. And His disciples wanted to know who was to blame for this young man’s predicament, the victim or his parents. Jesus answered, “Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but that the glory of God should be revealed through him…. (John 9:1-7).

What Jesus said in essence is that unsubscribed sufferings that happen to innocent people are glorious suffering. They come purely for the glory of God. They are allowed by God to his people not because of their fault but because God wants to reveal His glorious work through them. I believe the same can be said for unfortunate situations such as genetic disorders, accidents, and natural disasters.

Anthony was brutally murdered not because he was a criminal monster. He went through what he went through because, in the eyes of his killers, of the colour of his skin. And, of course, this happened against his wishes. He is neither subscribed to be born black nor did he desire for his life to be callously cut short that way. According to the reports Anthony was a bright student aspiring for a great future as a lawyer.

I believe that God allowed Anthony’s murder. If God did not want him to die He would stop him from dying since He has all the powers. By this, I am not trying to justify the perpetrators actions at all. What they did was unacceptable and justice was duly served when they were convicted and sentenced (although, in my opinion, the pain the perpetrators are undergoing as a result of their crime is minimal compared to that of the victim). But the fact remains that God is ultimately responsible for this.

Now, why God uses such atrocities for His pleasure? How, if at all, will the victims profit from such lethal attacks? Why and how should God ultimately judge the perpetrators if He is ultimately responsible?

I must admit, answers for such difficult questions are not easy to come by. I am not suggesting that I have a definite answer because in truth, I don’t. That is why God is God. Since His ways are higher than our ways none of us has the right or ability to comprehend God’s mind. Without a doubt one day – when all is laid bare – we will understand everything.  But I’m sure about one thing that ‘bad’ things do happen to good people and good things do happen to ‘bad’ people because God is good. His wisdom is unquestionable and His mercies are unlimited – blessing both the guilty and the innocent alike.

If you are suffering for no apparent reason or without fault of your own all I can say to you is this:  God who is loving, caring, responsible, ever- knowing, ever -powerful, ever-present and the creator of the world still love you and has allowed this for a good reason that is only known to Him. One day you will be able to point out to this crisis and say, “I’m glad I went through that”. At present, though, trust the integrity of His judgement and worship Him for who He is… Good!

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