Why Do Newly Born Babies Cry?

baby-after-being-bornChange, no matter how beneficial it  proves to be, carries with it the uncomfortable fear of the unknown. That’s why most of us try to avoid it whenever possible.

We can get very comfortable in our wombs. Perhaps that can be our way of doing the things, our way of thinking, our opinions, and our way of living life. Then when God comes and pushes us out, we get upset. We don’t always identify this as a growing experience.

“Smiles, relief, congratulations and applause do not begin when a child is born,” says Dr. George Malcolm Morley, “they start when it cries. Without crying, (delivery) room becomes increasingly silent and the mood increasingly apprehensive; and for good reason – crying is a very positive sign of a new, healthy life; its absence is anything but that”.

If the baby doesn’t cry soon after birth the doctors make the baby cry to open the lungs so they can start to breathe on their own. Otherwise the baby will be starved of oxygen and subsequently suffers brain harm.

So, according to divine engireering – that Doctors fully attest to – newly born babies should indeed cry because it’s good for their development.

However, the baby doesn’t know all this at birth and therefore cries for completely different reasons.

To a baby the whole process of being born is very scary and traumatic. For nine months or so the baby had enjoyed a comfortable environment in the womb – a warm, cosy and secure environment with free food and air from the mother. Then suddenly there is unsolicited rigorous change of environment and routine. The baby now finds itself in a baffling world where it is required to start a new independent life.

This is why every newly born baby cries; to register their frustation and disapproval of the birth phenomenon.

While everybody else is celebrating their arrival, babies protest being born in to the world. Frankly, if babies were to be consulted before birth they would rather remain in the womb forever.

But what babies do not understand is that they were not meant to live in the womb forever. As comfortable as it might be, the womb was only meant to be a nurturing place. After growing to a certain point babies must be born in to the world in order to fully grow and fulfil their destiny.

Growth is an indication of life. Growth means change. And nothing is permanent under the sun except change.

It was Jesus who said unless the seed dies it remains alone but to grow and multiply it must first die (John 12:24). By death here, Jesus did not necessarily mean the cessation of life. He meant changing from one form of life to the other. The seed’s outer coat must be destroyed to allow growth to occur.

As living beings we never stop growing. Every time we outgrow one level of life we automatically transcend  to a higher level. The change from one phase of life to another is what the Bible calls to be ‘born again’. For this reason, we must expect to be born again and again until we reach the level of perfection God intended for us.

Unfortunately, the process of being born is always traumatic. One preacher said sometimes if we were really honest, we do not wish to grow. We get very complacent and satisfied with where we are and any interruptions are viewed as negative. But God wants us to grow, mature and become all that He intends for us to become. We weren’t made to languish in the relaxing surroundings of our womb-like world.

Just as labour pain is always an indication of a new birth adversity is always a precise indicator of an imminent success. If your world is crushing down be aware that positive change is on the way. You are in the process of being ushered into a new and exciting phase of life.

The exact reason why this is happening is because you have outgrown your current stage of your life. Although it might not seem that way at the moment, God is taking you in to a better stage.

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