You Are Exceptional

tile2-1024x1024Some time ago, I was listening to one of my favourite preachers -Pastor Joel Osteen. In the course of his sermon, he brought up a telling story that immensely touched me.

As he was visiting his friend’s house, Pastor Osteen saw a picture hanged on the wall. In his judgment, the picture was less impressive and didn’t deserve to be on any of the walls of such a magnificent house. To his amazement he later learnt that the picture was an original work of a famous artist Pablo Picasso and his friends had paid one million US dollars for it. What made the portrait so valuable was not necessarily the way it looked but the reputation of the painter. The portrait carried the authentic personal Picasso signature.

Too often we are lost in our insecurities based on other people’s opinion of us. We beat ourselves in agony and frustration thinking that we are nothing and do not deserve anything good from God. We estimate our worth by the way other people treat us. However, the truth is that our worth is in God who created us. What makes you so valuable is not necessarily the way you look or what you are passing through. Your worth is in the reputation, and the purpose of your Creator. People are free to make their own mind about you, but the fact is you are the work of God the Almighty. He created you the way Hewanted you to be and put Hisown signature (His breath) for you.

May be you have allowed your circumstances to define who you are. Circumstances like poverty, sickness, divorce, rejection, criminality, and failure have become your other name. May be your names has been replaced by a prison number. You cease to be treated like a proper dignified human being. Allow me to remind you that your name is not that which men have wrongly given you. You are a precious lovely child of your father God.  Your spirit is God’s seal of ownership. Your unique DNA is a signature proof that you were exclusively made in heaven for a unique purpose. In case, you don’t remember Jesus Christ bought you for a price- by giving His own life on the cross. As long as you are still alive you still have a purpose on earth and nothing will ever change this!

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