You Deserve Better

gavel testament document and bags with dollar signCharles Clements was the 5th and last Earl of Leitrim Ireland. Since he had no child he chose his brother Hon. Francis Patrick Clements to be his heir presumptive. But in 1907, Francis Clements mysteriously disappeared.

According to New York Times of March 8 1908 Clements moved to New York where he worked as a stoker. Due to deteriorating health caused by hardships in the city he later moved to Kansas City where he hired a room in one of the city lodgings. “During his stay at the lodging house”, the paper reports, “Francis pawned nearly all of his personal effects. He was taken ill of pneumonia and moved to a General Hospital where he died without telling anything further of himself. He went under the name of Herbert Domican”

Charles Clements spent thousands of dollars trying to establish his brother’s whereabouts. After a meticulous search, Herbert’s picture was luckily recognized by one of the maids at the lodging he last hired a room. When the body of Herbert Domican was exhumed, it was correctly identified to be that of Francis Patrick Clements. With no heir, the Earldom of Leitrim became extinct upon the Earl’s death in 1952.

You are heir to part of your father’s mega wealth. But you, like Francis Patrick Clements, might be unaware of who you really are. Instead you have allowed your unfortunate circumstances to define who you are. Please allow me to remind you that your name is not that which men have wrongly given you. You are a precious child of our father God. And if your God is your real father you belong to a godly family. I mean your real family name is GOD.

To the world you might be one person but to God you mean the world. He can’t afford to lose you that’s why He sent our brother Jesus Christ to seek and save us. Understanding your value, Jesus laid down his life for you. He lived and died to remind you that we are still the sons of God. His sole purpose of enduring the cross was to bring us back to the awareness of who we really are and enjoy our deserved life on earth.

No matter how bad your current situation might be still you can live the life you have always desired. All you need to do is to believe. Believe that you deserve that life, trust God and exercise your faith. Your mistakes can never cancel your inheritance. Your inheritance is still waiting for you to come back into your senses and claim it. If you won’t claim it no one else will.

I was reading a book a while ago and stumbled on something like this “This world is full of good things and some of those things do have your name on it. All you need to do is to locate them and claim them”. I had long desired a black automatic ML version of a Mercedes Benz but thought it was well too pricey for me. Having read this my desire for ML was rekindled and I started to claim it immediately. Within three weeks, I was a proud owner of my dream car. Amazingly enough, the car was actually registered here in England on my birthday!

You are destined for greatness. Only you can testify how many hardships you have endured to be where you are. It is for this reason I confidently say you have a great future ahead of you. Your life still has a greater meaning than anyone can imagine.
May you enjoy the rest of your living here on earth because you are well worth it!

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