Your Future Is Bright

honda_forecast_weekLife is like English weather. It is predictably unpredictable. One minute you might be having a great time but in the next you might be mourning in pain. What this reminds us is that nothing in this world is permanent except change.

On one hand, this sense of uncertainty brings fear and despair. Nonetheless, on the other hand uncertainty eliminates boredom and brings excitement.

To those that are going through tough times there is hope that your situation has an expiry date – no matter how terrible it might seem now.

A while ago I was listening to inspirational songs in my car whilst driving. The weather was terrible – it was cold, cloudy and wet.  Suddenly my music was interrupted by weather update from a local radio station.  After a humbling apology the DJ enthusiastically said,”don’t mind today’s appalling weather conditions because, trust me, tomorrow will be sunny and dry all day with average temperatures of 19 degrees Celsius”.

I almost laughed at what the announcer had just said. However, the following day the weather was fabulous. It was sunny, dry and warm all day. Like many other times, the weather forecast was spot on!

Weather forecast is like a prophetic word of God. By this, I mean the rhema word – a precise divine intelligence that comes from God for a specific situation at a specific time. Holy Spirit is the herald of change. His main purpose is not intended to state the obvious but to announce the arrival of the new.

The Spirit calls things that are yet to happen as if they have ever happened; always revealing the end from the beginning.

God might call you “wealthy” while you are still drowning in poverty. He might say “you are healed’ while you are actually holding a doctor’s prognosis that suggests you have only few days to live.

The Holy Spirit knows everything concerning us in advance because He sits in the heavenly council that plans and directs our lives. He speaks of things that are yet to happen here on earth as if they have already happened because from His perspective they have happened already. And it’s only a matter of time before they are realized to us too.

What has God being saying about your situation? I dare you to believe This is precisely what called faith – a tendency to line up our thoughts and actions with divine intelligence. Others call this following your instinct, intuition, inner voice or heart.

Great people achieve uncommon success with God because they are people of great faith. If you want to achieve uncommon success, you too must learn to listen and trust the inner voice of the Holy Spirit (Rom. 8:14)

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