When Going Through Dark-Tunnel

beauty girl cryDark tunnel is a place of profound loss and pain. It’s a time in our life when our love ones, career, finances, health, freedoms and so forth are taken away from us. Dark tunnel can be a scary moment. I know. In case, you find yourself in it remember the following…

God Loves You Unconditionally: Your thoughts and opinion of others might tell you, ” There is no God. If God exists then, He doesn’t care. He has abandoned you because you are a worthless sinner.” It’s straightforward to estimate our self-worth by the way other people treat us. Often times we let our circumstances define us. If you aren’t careful labels such as loser, sick, divorcee, rejected, criminal, and addict may become sticky in your mind.

Perhaps a number has replaced your name; you’ve become a statistic and are no longer treated as a dignified human being. People are free to make their own mind about you, but the fact remains – you are wonderfully and…

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