Student Lone Survivor

Dawood-IbrahimDawood Ibrahim was meant to take his exams on Monday the 15 of December 2014. After a tiring day attending family wedding, the 15 year old set an alarm before going to bed on Sunday evening. To his disappointment Dawood missed school the following morning because his alarm clock didn’t go off.

However, few hours later Dawood’s disappointment turned into gratitude after learning he was the only survivor of year nine at the army public school in Peshwar, Pakistan. The Taliban suicide bombers had stormed Dawood’s classroom that morning killing every single student plus their teacher.

The moral of this story for me is that nothing just happens. Everything – unfortunate as they might seem to be – do happen for a good reason.

Sometimes – like in Dawood’s case – the benefits of a tragic situation (his alarm failing and therefore missing school) is obvious and immediate, but often times the rewards of our unfortunate occurrences aren’t instantly understood.

Nevertheless, I must learn to be grateful in all situations on the knowledge that, as the scripture says, our good God allows all things to happen for our own good.

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