A Pixel of God's Mega Picture

father-and-children-2For some reason we all love to think God loves us more than everybody else. I had similar attitude as a child and as a novice believer. Thankfully, one of the things I’ve learned since is that I’m not alone in this world.

I, for one, am  conscious of the fact that each one of us is just a tiny part of God’s massive family and that neither of us owns majority share of God’s love.

Yes, God truly loves me. It’s true I’m uniquely and wonderfully made, but so too is everyone else. As much as I would sometimes like certain people (or things) to be different or non-existent God – through various experiences as a child who grew up in a large family, as a Minister and more so as a father – has helped me to accept and respect all people the way they are.

 I have three children of my own and I equally love each of them very much. Despite the fact that they are vastly different in age, conduct, gender, size and shape they each command my equal measure of love. I love them the way they are primarily because they are my children – we share the same genetic fabric.

 This doesn’t mean I’m happy with every aspect of their life. Honestly, at times, I would prefer certain aspects of their life to be a bit different. And because I love them I try my best to change them. Sometimes I’m successful but most of the times  things don’t go according to plan. Nevertheless, I accept them as they are because God, their ultimate father, created them that way for His good reason, and He can change them anytime if He wants to.

 Despite the fact that I love all my children equally the kids themselves don’t know (or don’t want to accept) the very fact. Instead, they always try and compete for a monopoly of their parents’ love. This very struggle for parental preference is often the reason for sibling enmity and envy.

 Quite frankly, vying for a monopoly of God’s love is childish. A thought that suggests God loves ‘me’ more than others emanates from a narrow mind.

 Please don’t get me wrong. I agree God has preferences. But preference is not the same as love. Because God loves each of us He preferred to create each one of us uniquely different to fit His unique specific purpose.

 It’s true I am unique. No one is like me and there will be no one quite like me. But it’s also true that every one of us is preferred for a certain purpose, which also means we are all God’s preference. We’re all God’s children. He might have created us with massive differences but He loves us equally. Put it differently, God created us the way we are because He wanted us that way. We might not be perfect but He’s happy to perfect us as and when He deems fit.

 I believe this is good news to everybody especially to those that somehow feel God don’t love them as much due to their looks, deeds or circumstances. God is reassuring us – through this article – that He still loves us.

 As He reassured Jeremiah God is still saying to each of us, “ I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you …” Jeremiah 1:5

Today I’m glad to be part of the reality of God’s dream. I might not like certain aspects of my life (or of other people’s) but it doesn’t really matter because it’s not all about me. It’s exhilarating to know I’m just a pixel in God’s mega picture.

God made His decision of loving you long time ago with everyone else in mind. When God zooms out on us now – despite our own perceived imperfections – all He can see is a beautiful portrait of His real world He once held as a dream.

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