Love Leaks Through The Cracks of A Broken Heart

broken_heart_by_fabuPrecious gifts often come wrapped and sealed in secure containers to protect and preserve them until the appointed time. Since a gift cannot be enjoyed while it remains in a sealed container the container must be unwrapped and the seal broken.

Remember Mary? Before she could anoint Jesus with her valuable perfume she had to first break the bottle. So is your heart.

God wraps and seals His precious gift of love in our hearts. You, like all of us, carry God’s precious gift to certain people, somewhere in this world. Just like the mango fruit was not meant for the mango tree, your gift was not meant for you.

The gift in you was meant to serve others and in return those that benefit from your heartily gift will serve you with their multiple heartily gifts. When God want to bless the world with your gift He breaks your heart by allowing trials, tribulations and failures to come your way.

Our vulnerability  is our social joint. We connect with others through our our weekness, brockenness, adversity or need.

God’s love spills through the cracks a broken heart. It is hard to care for the broken-hearted if you do not know what it means to be heart-broken. You cannot heal what you cannot feel. Jesus can relate to our pain because he, too, went through all kinds of human suffering (Hebrews 4:15).

Henri Nouwen  once said, “the people in our lives that mean the most to us are those who – instead of giving advice, solutions, or cures – have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm and tender hand”.

Love is not necessarily in what one does but rather in why and how one does what one does. People that greatly touch our lives – people that command our outermost admiration and respect – are those that though in trouble still make others smile and use their remaining strength to strengthen others. And they do this with due sensitivity because they, too, are broken.

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