Francis Frangipane: The God of the Mountains and Valleys

The battles we face are often intense times of weakness, distress, and confusion. If the events of our lives were charted, these would be the lowest points. Yet God is no less with us during difficulties than at other times. In fact, these valleys are often as much the plan of God as our mountaintopContinue reading “Francis Frangipane: The God of the Mountains and Valleys”

Putting Things Into Perspective

“That Monday [after receiving disappointing sales figures of my movie “After Earth’ and shortly afterwards learning my dad had cancer] started the new phase of my life, a new concept: Only love is going to fill that hole. You can’t win enough, you can’t have enough money, you can’t succeed enough. There is not enough. TheContinue reading “Putting Things Into Perspective”

Living for Work vs Work for Living

Most of us hate Mondays. By this I mean too many of us love the good life but hate working and are ready to grab any excuse not to. But James Robertson is an exception. He loves working and his uncanny work ethic and determination is guaranteed to leave any rational mind stunned with admiration.Continue reading “Living for Work vs Work for Living”

Good and Bad is Relative

Every problem or obstacle in our lives – however big or small, uncomfortable or otherwise – contains an equivalent or greater benefit or opportunity. The moment something happens in our lives that we think of is ‘bad’, we tend to look upwards and curse. Whether we have suffered financial loss, experienced a business or careerContinue reading “Good and Bad is Relative”