Back To Serve After Winning Millions

lottery-mainAfter scooping the £53million jackpot on the EuroMillions Angela Maxwell could be spending a sunny day like this downing champagne or hitting the shops on Bond Street. Instead, big hearted Angela was helping out at the OAPs’ lunch club where she is a volunteer.

The 67-year-old put in her  five-hour shift as a volunteer at a lunch club for pensioners just a week after scooping the jackpot on the EuroMillions

Many of the grateful OAPs who polished off their meals could have been forgiven for thinking Angela, 67, was more likely to have spent the day sipping cocktails on an exotic beach.

When she and husband Richard announced their massive win, she spoke of her determination to carry on her community work.

And the down-to-earth mum made good on her pledge by helping to provide the food for around 100 pensioners in her village.

When asked about volunteering at the lunch club, Angela said last week: “I will still be doing that – it’s lovely to see the old people. It’s a two-course meal every week and they absolutely love it. They pay £3 a week and they have a raffle ticket and they enjoy it. They have a chat and they always come the next week.”

Angela left the couple’s nearby bungalow at around 10am to start preparing the meal. She clocked off at 2.45pm after helping her fellow volunteers.

Angela was working at the club on April 1 when Richard, 67, discovered they had won the jackpot. She returned home with a basket of tea towels to wash for this week’s lunch.

Money (or the lack of it) does not make us, it just reveals who we trully are. Angela’s lottery win won’t make her flashy, greedy or materialistic. Because she was none of these things before. She was – like most Brits who rarely make the national media – caring, big-hearted and hard-working.

And that will remain. Because a lotto win may change what’s in your bank account. But it can never change what’s in your heart.

(Story by The Dailly Mirror, Thursday, 8 April 2015)

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