Priceless Nevertheless


A painting by Pablo Picasso recently set a new world record for the most expensive artwork to be sold at auction after selling for $179m (£115m) in New York.

It has been said beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I don’t know about you, but my eyes certainly can’t see a bit of beauty in that painting. How in the world one finds that painting fascinating is beyond me.

But that is as far as it gets. No matter how strong it might be, my opinion can’t affect the painting’s market value. What matters most is that someone has found it worth paying $179m for it! This rather funny-looking piece of art doesn’t mean much to an average person. Still, to people in the art business, it is priceless.
This is equally true with human value. By human value, I mean the extent to which one finds self or another helpful person and the cost one thinks it takes to have, keep or replace them. Based on their valuation of you, some people might choose to ignore you, reject you or even get rid of you for cheap. But that does not affect your true worth.

The God who created you knows you have more worth in you than is beyond human imagination. He made you especially for someone for a specific time. The time will come when God will finally connect you with the individual(s) that will give you the recognition befitting your true worth.

People often struggle to estimate our worth because human virtues are not apparent. Human treasures are often hidden from an ordinary gaze. To appreciate them takes time and an exceptional eye – a unique one that only God can open.

In all honesty, it’s not always fair to blame those that don’t appreciate our worth.
Many times in the past, I’ve looked at specific people and wondered why God ever thought of creating them in the first place. But I’ve since learnt to remind myself that each of us has an equal inherent value and everyone is here for a good reason. Therefore, my failure to see their value does not mean they are worthless. This also means my eyes are unable to appreciate all human virtue.

Now, when I meet people that look or behave funny (in my eyes, that is), I quickly tell myself, “You are not that smart, Noel. After all, it’s none of your business. God created them that way because He loved them so much so He gave Jesus Christ – His only begotten Son – to die for their souls”.

Listen, to some people, you might be useless, but to someone, not least to God your Creator, you’re priceless.

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