Despite Gun Wounds Teenager Helps Others

2A09B2F400000578-0-image-m-58_1435438106223A heroic British schoolboy bravely helped a victim of the Tunisian beach terror attacks – despite being wounded himself and losing three members of his own family.

Owen Richards, 16, suffered a grazed shoulder after being hit by the bullet that mortally struck his uncle Adrian Evans in the side of his head.

And nearby, his 19-year-old brother Joel and 78-year-old grandfather Patrick Evans lay dead in the sand – after they were slain by the gunman.

But after fleeing the horrific scene in the resort of El Kantaoui, Owen rushed to the aid of a woman who had been wounded outside his hostel.

He was later found by a medic who reported that the teenager was ‘shaking and crying’, and said ‘I have to call my mum’.

To some people loving others just comes naturally.

Story by the Metro

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