Managing Disappointments

iStock_000003651112XSmallDisappointments are born out of unrealised expectations. Frustrations, bitterness and resentment that results from unmet expectations simply say my expectations – whether they are in line with God’s will or not – are grand and therefore must always come to fruition. In essence my disappointment implies that God – the all knowing, the all mighty and the ultimate source of everything – has got it wrong for not meeting my expectations.

At times my expectations are based on unrealistic or wrong information. For instance, I sometimes confuse my expectations with the will of God. I often think because I expect something then my expectation must be the will of God and He is therefore obliged to making it happen.

The truth of the matter is that all of us are entitled to dream and expect. Yes, sometimes God channels His will through our desires and expectations, and when this is the case we’ll never be disappointed because our expectations will be honoured.

Howerver, God  reserves the ultimate right to override (or ignore) those expectations that  aren’t compatible with His good plan for us.

Is your heart bleeding from a disappointment? my advise is; be calm and grateful because God – who has your best interest at heart – has the best alternative!

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