Being Keen For Others

KEEN FOR OTHERSEvery one of us needs help at some point but we can only be well helped by people that relate to our pain, hence the biblical term ‘kinsman redeemer’.

The term “kinsman” generally refers to a relative – a man who is one of a person’s blood relations or family . The root word  ‘kin’  comes from an old English root cynn, which means family.

It’s not easy to effectively help the people  you don’t relate to their  experiences. Conversely, it’s  always refreshing  to appreciate one’s hand of friendship knowing , not only that they’re keen to help, but also because they’re kin  to our personal experiences.

Simply put, we become keen to help others once we become kin to their pain.

One of the reasons why Jesus is our perfect keen savior is the fact that he shares our human frailties. The scriptures say Jesus is best qualified to help each one of us because he’s in touch with our reality, he’s experienced it all – pain, rejection, frustration, weakness, success and, of course, triumph.

God has a tendency of making us keen helpers by letting us go through the very experiences we’re meant to save others from.

In this respect our  experiences do bare a significant clue to our life purpose. So, if you’re going through some ‘experiences’ be of good cheer because you’re being shaped and sharpened for your destiny.

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