This's What I Call Love

635765533426113326-1477094956_You-are-importantLove is about celebrating value. Loving someone means appreciating their self-worth and making them feel important.

For me, a mare existence is a proof of value. I believe everyone that ever existed is valuable, important and therefore worth living. That one exists at all tells me that God would never have wasted His time and creativity to create them unless they’re important.

To be honest, the fact that God even bothered to place someone in my life or within my vicinity implies they contribute, consciously or otherwise, to my very existence and wellbeing.

In this regard, I’ve learned to love everyone – not least those closest to me – because they matter that much.

If by any chance you are reading this please know that you are that important. For you to stumble on this short article is just a way of God your creator letting you realize that you – the way you are – matters.

Have a great day.

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