Survival And The Fittest

1386216479316646-1We’re told the lion pride is structured around the dominant male.  Males fight to the death to earn the right to protect the pride, and to reproduce – mating with the females.  As a result, the dominant, male is usually larger, fitter and stronger than those defeated in the race for the crown, thus ensuring the strongest genetic traits for their offspring.

Lions that take over a pride will often kill all the young cubs in the pride. This killing is to ensure that the females come into heat again to enable him to start his own lineage. Females with young cubs will not come into heat so it is not to the new male’s benefit to keep them alive.

The most  interesting thing to note is that the lioness can tell whether or not a male is capable of being the territorial male and remain dominant for a long period of time. If she determines that he is not, she has the ability to make herself less fertile. This is because if she conceives and the male is ousted from his territory, a new male will kill her existing cubs. If this happens she would have completely wasted her energy, her pain, her time and tragically her precious cubs.

God’s natural law of greatness ensures that only the fittest has the right to dominate and reproduce. But advesity is the only sure test of fitness. In other words survival is a proof of greatness.

Ordinary people have a tendency of admiring untested glamour, fame and wealth. But the wise always look out for survivor traits. Survivors of life hardships not only have what it takes to acquire enduring glamour, fame and wealth but they’re the most humble, respectful, loving, caring and loyal.

If that thing in your life (relationship, career, etc) didn’t cost you much it probably doesn’t mean much anyway. If it’s not strong enough to survive the test of times the indications are it’s not good enough – it is not fit for purpose.  If it is chances are it might not last.

It is not wise to fall for cheap things. Don’t allow weak things to reproduce in your life. Never settle for the second best.


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