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gavel testament document and bags with dollar signCharles Clements was the 5th and last Earl of Leitrim Ireland. Since he had no child he chose his brother Hon. Francis Patrick Clements to be his heir presumptive. But in 1907, Francis Clements mysteriously disappeared.

According to New York Times of March 8 1908 Clements moved to New York where he worked as a stoker. Due to deteriorating health caused by hardships in the city he later moved to Kansas City where he hired a room in one of the city lodgings. “During his stay at the lodging house”, the paper reports, “Francis pawned nearly all of his personal effects. He was taken ill of pneumonia and moved to a General Hospital where he died without telling anything further of himself. He went under the name of Herbert Domican”

Charles Clements spent thousands of dollars trying to establish his brother’s whereabouts. After a meticulous search, Herbert’s picture was luckily recognized by one of the maids at the lodging he last…

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