Dreamland is a place where God – through us – intends to build the Dream Centre for Destiny Children. At this place we will provide Residence, Health, Education, and Training services for destitute children and young people. From here there shall rise Prophets, Priests, Kings, Queens, Presidents, Business Executives, Scientists, and many great leaders thatContinue reading “THE DREAMLAND”


Juzi juzi nilikuwa napita mtaani nikakutana na wapendwa hawa wakiwa wanapumzika. Kusema ukweli ndugu zetu hawa hapa ndio ‘nyumbani’ kwao – hawana mahali pengine pa kuishi. Baada ya kuwaamsha na kuwasalimia kwa kifupi (sikutaka kuendelea wapotezea muda wao wa mapumziko) niliwapatia salamu zao za upendo kutoka kwa Muumba wao (ambaye pia ni Baba yetu sote!).Continue reading “HESABU BARAKA ZAKO”


The most comprehensive studies have shown that generous people are healthier, wealthier and happier than non-givers with identical factors. By using fMRI technology, researchers have concluded that charitable activity induces brain chemicals (endorphins) that produce a mild version of the sensations people get from food, sex, and drugs such morphine and heroin- but without negativeContinue reading “SCIENCE OF HAPPINESS”


The purest definition of evil is finding pleasure in advertently contributing to the discomfort of others – especially the weak, the vulnerable, the hopeless needy and the innocent. Evil people enjoy drawing strength from weakening the others. On the other hand, the purest form of love is finding pleasure in advertently contributing to the comfortContinue reading “TRUE HAPPINESS”


There are four levels of human mind. When we are small children we find pleasure in receiving anything because we are heavily dependent on others for our livelihood. Children love gifts, any gift- be it food, christimas clothes or simply a simple ‘well done’. As we grow older and become more independent we start findingContinue reading “TASTE THE FEELING”