imagesAre you a Christian  and consider yourself to be young? are you a college graduate  without a job or unhappy with your current job? Are you a college student in your final years of  studies and worried about life after graduation? Do you know someone that matters to you and fits the above discription?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions I have fantastic news for you.

Before getting down to the great news let me tell you the bad news first, you are just a small part of a bigger problem facing our nation.

According to recent UN report more than sixty percent of Tanzanias are 24 years or younger. The median (average) age of our youthful population is only 17. Sadly, despite the fact that young people comprise the largest share of human resource most of them are either unemployed or misemployed. Eight out of ten youths are desperately poor and depend on others for survival. It has been reported that each year, 900,000 young Tanzanians  enter a job market that is generating not more than 60,000 new jobs. Out of more than 30,000 college graduates that join the labour market annually only 5% of them get employed.

But the great news is that God is saying, “it’s time for this desperate situation to change”, and I, for one, believe Him passionately!

The Jobless Myth

We believe that employment is a business of meeting social needs and solving problems. In this case, every problem is an employment opportunity. If indeed evey need is a job opportunity surely there are more job opportunities than there are people willing and able to fill them. In Jesus’ words, “the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few” [Matt. 9:37].

As a matter of fact, emperical studies show that the acute youth unemployment rate in the country is not entirely due to absence of job opportunities but the ability of youth to see and seize the readily available job opportunities. This is where our Ministry come in.

The Vision

It was March 2004 when I saw a great vision. On that unforgetable English night I saw a great outpouring of the Holly Spirit upon the lives of Africans, many of them young and feeble. The spirit gave them the ability to excel in all spheres of life and brought comprehensive prosperity for them and their people.

Just as He sent flames of Spirit power over a handful of believers on the day of Pentecost God is ready to pour out His spirit to our youth. This outpouring is not meant to make people to just speak in tongues, open more churches or make them more religious. Interestingly, the spirit will empower young Africans to spark a historic socio-economic revolution.

Our duty is to help young people to spot and grab these opportunities for the benefit of themselves and others. Like Prophet Samuel who was commissioned to anoint a new king from the house of Jesse, my task is to train and equip an army of a new generation of African leaders that will steer up this historical revolution.

In short, Dream Life Mission is about raising SPARKS.

Who Are Sparks?

Sparks are catalysts of change. When they’re ignited they change the world one person at a time starting with themselves. Sparks are individuals who pride themselves in taking responsibility to be part of the solution they all want to see.

Sparks aren’t restricted by denomination, religion, position or title. They’re defined by their unquenchable obsession and commitment to improve the wellbeing of the wider community especially those that are most underserved.

The Strategy

We achieve this by providing college students (especially those in their senior years) and unemployed / misemployed young graduates with practical hands-on leadership and bussiness skills, networking,  and support. Our programs are designed to help sparks  help solve social problems through employment or by running their own social business.

Why College Graduates?

We focus on  college students and graduates primarily because of their high SPARK potential. Graduates have comparative advantage over other youths on energy levels, health, intelligence, language, skills, exposure and more importantly on interpersonal skills.

In short, graduates are highly flammable. They can easily catch the vision, run with it and  help others succeed as well.  In so doing the entire community can easily be impacted.

Just as a small spark can set the entire forest ablaze one passioate individual can change the world. God doesn’t need the world to change the world. He only need one passionate individual to say, ”use me Lord” and the rest will be history.

If you are that one passionate individual then God is inviting you to join the the SPARK team. In the next few weeks we’ll let you know about our future programs. To stay tuned feel free  to join our “SPARKS” whatsapp group through this link. https://chat.whatsapp.com/8Ph4XBI7kk6KYBujIisiQD

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