Why God allowed war in Ukraine

Why did God allow the war in Ukraine?

In this video, Dr Sunday Adelaja – a Nigerian-born Ukranian Pastor who founded arguably the largest Pentecostal church in Europe – is giving his personal perspective about God’s plan for the war in Ukraine.

For me, the takeaway points from this message are: Firstly, God allowed this war; and secondly, God has allowed this war as part of His plan to bring even greater good, not only to the Ukrainians but also to the entire world.

Although he provides possible long-term benefits for the Ukrainians – as a people and Nation – Pastor Adelaja also explains why God would allow and use such a drastic and traumatic experience to steer a new and potentially greater destiny for him personally but more importantly for the Church – particularly the African Church.

Pastor Sunday did not get into much detail about the personal reasons why God allowed him and his family to escape the war in Ukraine, but he gave a clear indication of that.

Reading between the lines, Pastor Sunday is trying to say that God has been planning to “spread” the fire of his Church vision like “lava” to other parts of the world. The kind of vision that Pastor Adelaja is referring to is the one that brought much needed spiritual, political and social-economic revolution in Ukraine.

What God is doing in Ukraine is typical of Him.

In the Bible, we have examples where God used personal tragedies (such as slavery, famine and conflict) as tools of shaping and training generational transformers. Such examples include Joseph and Moses who were “pushed” to the diaspora by tragic circumstances but were raised and had influence in the diaspora. Eventually, God used them to bring comprehensive freedom to their Nation Israel.

Similarly, al be it strangely, the Ukrainian conflict has the potential to bring collateral benefits to other parts of the world, including Adelaja’s homeland Africa.

As hinted in the video, God wants to use Dr Adelaja (and other African Diaspora) to use his knowledge, experience and anointing to spearhead a new wave of spiritual, political and social-economic revolution in Africa.

I have always believed that uncomfortable as it might seem, God uses suffering as a vehicle for the greater good.

The Ukrainian conflict is no different.

I relate to the pain of the loss and pray for divine grace for those closely involved in this conflict.

But I also envy them because I am mindful of the glory that awaits them.

When this tragic war is finally over the Ukrainians and all those affected will be more united, prosperous and happy like never before.


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