Loved for Good

This message is for those that feel guilty, shameful, and worthless because of their inadequacy, mistakes or failures. I want to let you know that God not only sees you as not guilty of any sin but loves you unconditionally as His precious child. Because you are God’s beloved child, you have the right to divine protection, provision and prosperity.

I know this sounds like an ambitious claim to some of you but let us get right into it.

One of the unique demands of the law that God gave Moses was that the sanctuary cities be set aside for all criminals, including debtors, escaped enslaved people, and murderers (Numbers 35:6-29). These sanctuary cities, controlled and operated by Spiritual leaders (Levites), were also safe places for other destitute such as refugees, the poor and the homeless.

The main functions of the asylum cities were to provide absolute protection, provision and prosperity to all residents. In the sanctuary city, every resident – including murderers – was seen and treated as an innocent and holy individual. If they remained in the sanctuary, asylum seekers were guaranteed protection, provision and prosperity. There were neither courts of law nor prisons within the refuge city boundaries. Murderers who needed to stand trial were safely tried outside the city. Individuals found guilty of non-malicious murder were safely brought back to their asylum cities, where they were required to remain there for life or until the high priest’s death. Mistreating or killing anyone in the sanctuary city was the most grievous offence before God.

 According to the Rabbinic teaching, the roads to the asylum cities were not only twice larger, smoother and better than the regular roads but also marked by signposts saying “Refuge” to ensure easy access to asylum.

In short, asylum has always been a divine right for every human being. God devised a plan for asylum for people in trouble because He knew difficulty is part of life.

God is the ultimate, secure, unconditional, and ever-present refuge (Psalms 46:1). Right from the garden of Aden, God planned for an eternal redemption of humanity (Genesis 3:15). Through the death of Jesus Christ- the supreme High Priest- every human being is innocent before God and entitled to divine protection, provision and prosperity (Romans 8:31-39).

Now one may ask if God truly love us, why does He allow us to go through suffering? Put differently, if Christ paid the price for our sins, why do we have to face the negative consequences of our choices?

God does not use pain and suffering as punishment but as a training and disciplinary tool. Any experience that God allows to come your way – no matter how painful – is meant to add value to your life and make you better and more fulfilled. In short, God allows pain because He loves you. That is why the heart of Christ is with those who are suffering.

 Christ said, “the Spirit of the Lord is upon Him to bring good news to the poor, set the captives and the oppressed free, restore sight to the blind, and announce an imminent expression of the Lord’s favour [Love] to the world” (Luke 4:18-19. See also John 10:10).

Christ also said come to me, all of you that are tired and worn out and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28-30. Jesus is explicitly looking out for distressed people like you. He is searching for those on the brink of throwing away their lives. He wants to rescue you and help you live a more valuable life. Jesus wants to show you His unconditional love, hope and meaning.

The mind that is protected by faith is your spiritual and emotional sanctuary. All you need is to believe what God said and did for you through Christ. But before you can believe it, you must first fill your mind with what God said and did for you. As the Bible says, your breakthrough will be guaranteed by not letting this truth be out of your mind. Recite and meditate on it day and night, making sure you practice everything written in it (Joshua 1:8).

Now repeat these words out loud.

“I’m the precious child of God. I’m part of Him, and He is part of me. He created me the way He wanted me to be. He meticulously planned my life before I was born. I’m wonderfully and fearfully made. God accepts me the way I am. His love for me is unconditional and eternal. Nothing can make God reject me. My failures and imperfections cannot make God hate me. Jesus Christ paid the total price of my guilt by dying on the cross. Because you are God’s beloved child, you have the right to divine protection, provision and prosperity. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Now, recite and meditate on these words as many times as possible.  Do not allow anyone or anything to talk you out of it.

Stay blessed, and bye for now.

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