Kimbilio House

Kimbilio is a community service that provides supported accommodation as well as supported living for homeless people.

We believe that a home is more than having a roof over your head; it is a place where one feels LOVED.

Love can mean many things to different people. For us, however, LOVE is an acronym for a sense of Link, Overt-kindness, Value and Equanimity.

Link stands for a sense of connectedness belonging and identity; Overt-kindness is a word for a sense of assured nurturance, provision and care; Value is a sense of unconditional acceptance and life purpose, and Equanimity is a word for emotional comfort and resilience – the ability to cope well and rebound from the adversities of life.

For us, LOVE means a sense of connectedness, belonging, assured provision, care, unconditional acceptance, life purpose and emotional resilience.

In essence, home is more than having a place to live, but a life characterised by a psychological, social and spiritual state of secure LOVE.

Kimbilio (a Swahili word for refuge) aims at providing person-centred support for the homeless to develop a secure sense of LOVE.

Dreamlife will commence operating its first supported accommodation home early next year (2022). Kimbilio house is planned to provide a home for single homeless people in Liverpool, Northeast England.

Kimbilio House will be a community house where residents will receive and engage in a support plan that will prepare them for more independent living.

As part of our LOVE person-centred support package (which will be a condition of their license agreement), Kimbilio House will work with them to improve relationship-building skills, provide life skills training, teach budgeting skills & provide support to improve their mental health. We will also assist them in acquiring the skills required for entering or re-entering employment.

Although the Person-centred care package is part of the licence agreement it is not tied to their tenancy. Unlike traditional supported accommodation models, the support offered moves with the person if they move.

We have every expectation that residents will be able to manage a healthy lifestyle and be on their way to reaching their full potential.

Dreamlife Mission is a Christian Organisation and therefore all residents will need to be comfortable that this will influence the way we work.

There is, however, no requirement to be a Christian to join the house.

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