Kimbilio (a Swahili word for refuge) is a Christian Ministry that aims to provide a range of mental health, emotional well-being and practical support for people in our communities, particularly young people and their families. 

We are a LOVE-driven Christian online emergency support network serving vulnerable individuals around the world starting with our local communities.

As well as offering information, prayer, advice, and guidance for vulnerable people, Kimbilio also aims to provide information and support for those experiencing homelessness, abuse, mental health problems or emotional distress. 

Love can mean many things to different people. For us, however, LOVE is an acronym for a sense of Link, Overt-kindness, Value and Equanimity.

Link stands for a sense of connectedness, belonging and identity; Overt-kindness is a word for a sense of assured nurturance, provision and care; Value is a sense of unconditional acceptance and life purpose, and Equanimity is a word for empathy and mental resilience – the ability to cope well and rebound from the adversities of life.

In other words, we define LOVE as a sense of connectedness, belonging, assured provision, care, unconditional acceptance, life purpose and emotional resilience.

Driven by Christ’s instructions in John 13:34 and Matthew 25:35-40, Kimbilio strives to help people feel God’s unconditional acceptance, care, life purpose, and emotional resilience.

Professional skills or experience in Christian counselling, psychotherapy, and social and health care support is welcome but not mandatory as relevant training and support will be provided. Distance should not be a barrier as most support will be done online. Volunteers from around the globe – Europe, Africa, America, Australia, and Asia – are warmly welcome.

Remember Christ said: love one another as I loved you; and when we offer support to the homeless, those hungry and in emotional distress, we do it to Him.

So, go ahead and subscribe to the global Christian love network below. 

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