3SWe exist to serve the needy; to enrich the lives of those that feel physically weak and emotionally empty, ostracised and dejected.

Our goal i to see – from the ruble of poverty and degredation – a rise of a new generation of African Christians leaders that will use their faith and their resources to bring an unprecedented socio-economic prosperity in their repective communities.

 In whatever we do our ultimate aim is to help each person know that God their creator love them unconditionaly, their life has unique valuable meaning  and that there is hope for the future.

We long to be  humble servants of the hurting. This by no means suggest that we are perfect.  We strive to be  humble servants of the hurting because we also know what it means to be hurt.

All of us, at some point in our lives have been heart-broken, hungry, homeless, rejected, betrayed, isolated, felt useless, and hopeless.

Our personal experiences  have taught us that many a people – especially those that are going through tough times – have a tendency of  questioning God’s love, doubting their self-worth, feel dejected and ultimately give up on life.

Like many, we used to think that fulfillment only comes by attaining somethings or by having certain people around. But, thankfully, God has taught us that fulfillment is inherent – it comes from God that is within us and is independent of external circumstances. By His grace we now know  that the presence of adversity does not necessarily mean the absence of love, peace and joy. In fact, we   dare to say, the very presence of adversity makes life more real and enjoyable.

Every time we feel hurt, let down, abandoned or worthless we tap into the truth that  we are loved, valued, and accepted by God. As we  do  this our hearts burst in to joy and fulfillment beyond our wildest imagination.

The lessons that we’ve learned so far have become our ethos – our core value  that provides us with the reason, guidance and the drive to implement God’s purpose  for us on earth. This ethos can be summed up like this;

“the quality of life on earth is directly proportional to the degree to which a person understands and accepts  God’s unconditional love, His autonomy, and abstruse wisdom. Such an attitude – apart from making one feel fulfilled, happy, and calm at all times – enriches the bearer with  an understanding of life that fills them with an appreciation, a sensitivity, empathy, respect, love, and a deep selfless concern for the welfare of others.”

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