About Us

We are a Christian organization with an overarching objective of empowering marginalized individuals and communities in the UK and beyond. In whatever we do, we aim at enhancing God’s sense of unconditional connectedness and belonging, providence and nurturance, worth and acceptance as well as comfort in times of perceived danger or suffering. 

Specifically, we aim to achieve the following:

1. Empowerment of the marginalized, vulnerable, endangered or disadvantaged people, (referred to as our focus group) through physical, psychological, social, intellectual, vocational, technological, innovation, moral and spiritual development programs with Christ’s ideals of love, sacrifice, and service so that they would become responsible and productive global citizens.

2. Involvement of our focus group in community development programs that provide practical needs such as food, shelter, knowledge, skills, protection, and security to vulnerable, marginalized, endangered or disadvantaged people. Providing social support, compassion, and acceptance makes them feel unconditionally loved, appreciated, valued, accepted, and kindly served.

3. Enhance employability and financial independence skills through growing opportunities to help focus groups secure decent employment in both the formal and informal sectors and support viable social enterprises’ establishment and improvement.

4. Engender positive leadership and community engagement by enabling our focus groups to be responsible and learn the skills to self-actualize, negotiate, influence, and engage in decision-making processes across sectors and different spheres in the public, private, and social sectors, and civil society space.

5. Foster healthy life skills and Counselling through providing our focus group with the skills to navigate issues at a personal, family, work and community level and enable them to make choices that will enhance their physical, mental, professional, and spiritual wellbeing.

To achieve our aims, we thrive to do the following:

1. Provide friendly, safe and healthy accommodation and community centre with facilities for sports, games, gymnasium, recreation, spiritual & cultural program activities for our focus group and the community.

2. Establish and run school(s), vocational and professional training institutes, houses of worship, library and reading room(s) for our focus group and other interested people.

3. Organize seminars, workshops, training and devotional programs on topics related to physical and mental wellbeing, compassion, spirituality, education, human rights, good governance and citizen’s rights & responsibilities; youth and gender issues; environment & climate change and social & economic issues;

4. Implement community development programs; relief & rehabilitation to victims of natural calamity; climate change & environment protection measures and global pandemics.

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