Unique Business Audience

peter-j-danielsHave a unique priviledge to hear one of the greatest Christian authorities in business and leadership today.

Described as the best platform speakers of all time Mr. Peter J Daniels is a wealthy, well-known and respected  international business statesman from Australia. His astute business and leadership knowlege is simply remarkable, commanding up to a million US$ for a 15 minutes advise.

We will have a rare live video conference with Mr. Peter J Daniels on Saturday the 1st of April 2017 at a cost of US$150. The cost includes morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and conference materials.

You will also have time to interact and exchange ideas with other Christian business men and women.

I first heard about Peter J Daniels years ago in London. It was the time when God was beginning to speak to me about the mission I’m now engaged in. Few weeks ago the spirit reminded me of this remarkable man and searched for his materials. After listening to his inspirational and insightful messages I contacted him to see if he can have a live audience with me.

To my suprise Mr. Peter J Daniels promptly accepted my request.  Not only that he also agreed to call me to discuss about my life and be my personal mentor for the next two years – the priviledge that is uniquely unprecedented. To say that I was thrilled is a great understatement.

To put in to perspective just read his biography here.

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