Ni jambo la kusikitisha kuona kwamba Watumishi wa Mungu (namaanisha watumishi wa kweli na sio wasanii) wanapitia kipindi kigumu sana. Wengi wana changamoto za kifedha, kiafya na kihuduma. Changamoto hizi zote zinapelekea kuyumba kwa familia na mpasuko wa ndoa zao. Wengi wanatumika huku mioyo yao ikiwa majeruhi. Majeraha hayo yamewafanya wengine wakimbie huduma ama kurudiContinue reading “SIMONI MKIRENE”


Imagine your loved ones starving miles away. After learning of their plight, you quickly hire a courier to send them food and other supplies together with a message of love. Unfortunately the courier fails to deliver and your dear ones starve to death. Obviously it is heart-breaking; but what makes this scenario more devastating is that yourContinue reading “BLOOD ON OUR HANDS”

Stress Relief Through Helping Others

A 1988 article in Psychology Today reported on an experiment involving 1700 women under stress. The women participated in various projects that involved helping other people. Within 30 days, 85 percent of the women reported that they had been relieved of stress symptoms that included “stress-related disorders such as headaches, voice loss and even painContinue reading “Stress Relief Through Helping Others”

Back To Serve After Winning Millions

After scooping the £53million jackpot on the EuroMillions Angela Maxwell could be spending a sunny day like this downing champagne or hitting the shops on Bond Street. Instead, big hearted Angela was helping out at the OAPs’ lunch club where she is a volunteer. The 67-year-old put in her  five-hour shift as a volunteer atContinue reading “Back To Serve After Winning Millions”