A wise man once said that the future only belongs to those who have the ability to foresee it and sacrifice the pleasures of the present in order to gain it. As I read through a financial report that Apple (Company) has entered the trillion dollars realm, I was curious to know more about theContinue reading “GREATNESS: PRODUCT OF INCONVENIENCE”


In John 10:10Jesus said, “…I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly”. Abundant (eternal) life here does not mean life free of adversity or physical death. In Greek, there are different words that are used to signify life. The Greek word translated “life” in the above verse is the word “Zoë” which means “excellent well-being ofContinue reading “Zoë”

Behind The Scenes of Greatness

Most of us love to celebrate greatness, but what most of us do not know is the great price that great people pay behind the scenes.  Few people understand that individual’s whose lives have transformed our world were not so popular during their lifetime? Isn’t it amazing that the impact of the teachings, experiences and achievements ofContinue reading “Behind The Scenes of Greatness”

You Deserve Better

Charles Clements was the 5th and last Earl of Leitrim Ireland. Since he had no child he chose his brother Hon. Francis Patrick Clements to be his heir presumptive. But in 1907, Francis Clements mysteriously disappeared. According to New York Times of March 8 1908 Clements moved to New York where he worked as a stoker. Due to deterioratingContinue reading “You Deserve Better”

You're Born To Exel

Hartley Peavey  the founder of Peavey Electronics (pictured ), loved playing music. Nonetheless, he was also very good at building musical instruments. Peavey realized that his chances to succeed as a musician was too slim because there were too many talented would-be musicians in the world. He decided to focus his energy on building the best musicContinue reading “You're Born To Exel”

Releasing The Brakes

You’d never purposely drive your car with the emergency brake on. Yet, most Christians drive through life with their psychological emergency brake firmly engaged. Although we publicly detest material prosperity we secretly love it and spend most of our time looking for it. Ask any “born-again” Christian today, “what is your main priority in life, is it prosperity orContinue reading “Releasing The Brakes”

For Better and For Worse

Once upon a time prosperity was found to be irrelevant, evil and a hindrance to eternal life. The previous generation of believers overrated spiritual things – worship, prayer, and moral virtues – in the expense of material abundance. The old school taught pain, misery and poverty as means of obtaining spiritual identity and supremacy. As a result Christianity (especially a charismatic, evangelicalContinue reading “For Better and For Worse”