In the words of Pastor Martin Luther King Jr., “There are some things so dear, some things so precious, some things so eternally true, that they are worth dying for…” One way of defining value is usage or benefit. We value something based on how important the benefits are to us. Another way of definingContinue reading “THE COST OF FAITH”


Albert Eeinstein once said, “the fear of death is the most unjustified of all fears…”‘ still, the fear of dying is constantly robbing us of the joy of living. Like many, I spent too much time worrying about dying to the point that I completely forgot living. Thankfully, after a long struggle, I can finallyContinue reading “OVERCOMING THE FEAR OF DEATH”

Moments that take our breath away

“The lad is not angry he has to leave the party early instead he is really grateful that he was invited in the first place…” these are the words of Comedian Jason Manford spoken recently in reference to a 19 year old teenager with incurable disease who, according to his facebook page (Stephen’s Story) is just tryingContinue reading “Moments that take our breath away”

Maximillian Kolbe

In May 1941 Maximilian Kolbe, a Polish Roman Catholic priest was taken to Auschwitz, a Nazi concentration camp, because the monastery, which he had founded and was running, was ministering to Jewish refugees. During his imprisonment, he constantly gave himself for the sake of others, refusing food so his brethren could eat and offering his life forContinue reading “Maximillian Kolbe”

Behind The Scenes of Greatness

Most of us love to celebrate greatness, but what most of us do not know is the great price that great people pay behind the scenes.  Few people understand that individual’s whose lives have transformed our world were not so popular during their lifetime? Isn’t it amazing that the impact of the teachings, experiences and achievements ofContinue reading “Behind The Scenes of Greatness”

When Crisis Becomes A Sign of Progress

Are you experiencing a storm in your life right now? Well, it could be a good sign of what God has for you. This is because adversity is often a forerunner of destiny. The conception of the word of God into our hearts triggers the reaction from the spirit world. It is like human embryos. When conceptionContinue reading “When Crisis Becomes A Sign of Progress”

Why Do Newly Born Babies Cry?

Change, no matter how beneficial it  proves to be, carries with it the uncomfortable fear of the unknown. That’s why most of us try to avoid it whenever possible. We can get very comfortable in our wombs. Perhaps that can be our way of doing the things, our way of thinking, our opinions, and our way ofContinue reading “Why Do Newly Born Babies Cry?”