World's Greatest Problem

If I told you to name man’s greatest problem many would probably say Satan. Some would mention sin, death, sickness or even pain. What if I told you that insecurity is the greatest problem of human kind? In fact, the insecurity problem is older than humans themselves. Insecurity gunned down Satan, a host of angels as well as ourContinue reading “World's Greatest Problem”

Behind The Scenes of Greatness

Most of us love to celebrate greatness, but what most of us do not know is the great price that great people pay behind the scenes.  Few people understand that individual’s whose lives have transformed our world were not so popular during their lifetime? Isn’t it amazing that the impact of the teachings, experiences and achievements ofContinue reading “Behind The Scenes of Greatness”

You Deserve Better

Charles Clements was the 5th and last Earl of Leitrim Ireland. Since he had no child he chose his brother Hon. Francis Patrick Clements to be his heir presumptive. But in 1907, Francis Clements mysteriously disappeared. According to New York Times of March 8 1908 Clements moved to New York where he worked as a stoker. Due to deterioratingContinue reading “You Deserve Better”

Crushed But Still Precious

A banknote doesn’t lose its intrinsic value by crushing it. We don’t lose our valuable divine identity by going through adversity. Sometimes, we must endure hardship under God’s direction for our good. Don’t let anything fool you that hardships make you dispensable to God. If anything, you sometimes have to go through problems because youContinue reading “Crushed But Still Precious”

Expensive Rare Dagger Used AS Doorstop

Those that reject you, ignore you or even abuse you don’t understand your real worth, not because you’re worthless. The day is coming when God – your creator who knows your true value – will put you under the care of the one that will give you the highest recognition you richly deserve. This isContinue reading “Expensive Rare Dagger Used AS Doorstop”