FabricThe nine fabrics that form our Ethical garment are summed up in one word: INFLUENCE.


We endeavor to always do what is right – loving God and others as self – when no one is watching, when it’s not convenient, when it hurts or even when facing imminent loss of life.


We pride in building people, not material structures. Our greatest joy is in helping others go further, be greater and achieve more than ourselves.


We assert that God – the creator of everything, the all-powerful, all-knowing, ever-present, with an independent superior will, and always in command – unconditionally love us and is the only one that deserves our worship.  We confess that Christ Jesus is the Lord , leader and our perfect example. Due to his humble sacrificial service God gave him authority over heaven and earth.

We have high regard to chain of authority that trickles down from the supreme authority, God. Because of this we have confidence in ourselves and in others.


We were born to be great, but none of us was born great. We are all born with potentials to be great but those traits must be developed and nurtured. That’s why we are serial learners. We love breaking new grounds, developing new models, and pioneering new approaches. We venture to learn through studying, thinking, experience, practice, association, probing, and listening.


We value unity, networking, relationships, partnerships and teamwork.

We are US. We are the United Selves. We are neither selfless nor selfish. We are US-ISH. We value US-NESS more than our individual selves because our individual existential value and identity is only valid in the context of our socio-ecological construct. As part of human society we are indefinitely connected and dependent to each other. Since each of us is part of all of us none of us is greater than all of us.

What connects us is more important than us all. Our social bonds help us to achieve things that a disjointed collection of individuals cannot.


We respect, appreciate and accept every person as a valuable and unique individual with basic rights to life, love, freedom, dignity and prosperity. We always put the welfare of others first especially those that are most needy, restricted or vulnerable.

We are sensitive to the needs of others because we, too, are broken. We perceive others to be part of us. Our personal wellbeing is tied to their wellbeing. Their pain is our pain, their joy is our joy, too.


We are mentally and physically committed to stick to our values, purpose, vision and plan regardless of adversity or repeated failures. We perceive adversity and setbacks as external to ourselves, temporary, limited, and necessary to our precious destiny.

We’re determined to be brave. We overcome our fear by judging it as a way of telling us that our endeavor is both invaluable and achievable.

We believe God for the grace to dig deep and do whatever it takes – even sacrifice, struggle, and suffer – to achieve our worthy goals.


We are time conscious. We understand the value of time and its derivatives , namely, vision, hope, planning and discipline.

We understand that time is limited: hence the most expensive resource. We understand that nothing lasts for ever; nothing is permanent except change. We know that everything happens for a reason and for a season.

We are visionaries. We see our destiny first, we see it more, we see it further and clearer than anybody else.

We are full of Hope. We live for eternity, not just for tomorrow. Our future is better and permanent.We strongly believe that our life does not terminate with the death of the body. We are convinced that after present life we’ll continue to exist in some shape or form. Our transcendent life will be judged based on our present values.

This perspective makes us sacrifice even our lives for God and for others. We know that our heroic acts, apart from leaving a lasting impact on others, will be carried forward and rewarded handsomely in our next ertenal life.


We lead by example. We lead from the front. We have a strong sense of responsibility. When we realize a problem we don’t whine , complain, or blame anyone. Instead, we accept responsibility, envision what a better future looks like and take decisive measures that lead us – and others – towards it.

We don’t wait around for someone to create opportunities for us, we create our own opportunities. Every need, pain or challenge is an opportunity to grow and make a difference. Once we spot an opportunity we take the first step to grab it.

We are confident leaders. We always believe in our ability to be a part of the solution we seek. We don’t wait for others to change, we become the change we want to see in others.

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